11 Jul

Where is my network road

February 2008, in practice I have no intention to see a magazine that college students’ entrepreneurship, online collection of waste, they feel quite creative, but also suitable for medium city development (my hometown); then, in the internship period is not over in advance to do the procedure (then a top length and the pressure of the school) back home, I started the first venture, online collection of waste network (do not want to mention the past, hope to see cool)

With the help of the school,

made a smooth loan and opened his own waste collection company. When it was reported in the local newspaper, it was quite a sensation at the time. After all, it was just out of college and the first one to dare to eat crabs in this city.

with the increase in trading volume, from the beginning of the 200–300, to the later more than 1000, I seem to see the dream waving at me.

, who knows the fate will open a big joke in August and I, first time paper prices declined (very small, normal range) and the price of steel fell (a ton fell 200 yuan) to Olympic Games just ended, the steel decline is normal, a few days will be good turn so, the shipment time, ironworks didn’t come, I know things, the original 3800/ tons of steel has dropped to 1800/ tons, 60000/ tons of copper now down to less than 40000/ tons, when I heard the price of the time I found.

day and night stay in the cafe, a few days a box of smoke, to escape from reality, their escape, his paralysis.

in September in the Admin5 forum registered its own number, chat forums, play games.

sees so many big brothers and big sisters all so successful. Why should I fail? Why?


slowly, I have feelings for the non mainstream, with the help of friends to buy space, buy procedures. Upload www.oofzl.com.cn, a month later, Baidu big brother, Google’s no matter, imperceptibly now in November, but I still did not go to the failure of photocopying… Look up… Outside, very few people, but Internet cafes are very busy. Can not help but deep in meditation.

here, I would like to thank Admin5’s salesman, Nanyang lattice booth webmaster, iceberg snow wolf, they give me too much help and care.

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