11 Jul

The wandering of a female stationmaster

everyone has their own different goals and desires, or big or small, near or far; everyone has their own wandering, everyone has their own things to choose definitely, male webmaster usually hovers between money and beauty, and the female webmaster? Do you know what the wandering female webmaster

sometimes envy male male webmaster, webmaster desire is nothing more than to have it both ways, namely beauty and money, some people will say that what is the envy of a male, as a webmaster, which has many bitter history, want beauty must have money, have to work all through the night. But I sometimes feel very envious, in the present society, as long as you have money, but also afraid of no beauty? And female webmaster, but not so lucky.

female webmaster can’t pay less than male webmaster. Women may not marry rich men in the future, so every woman should have an independent economy. Female webmaster, as a station, from germination to busy flowering, countless days and nights, fertilization, watering, never shout bitter, just hope he results. This time I like in the business of my website is this, from thought to do such a station, to conceive, design, production, optimization, promotion, this period has experienced many believe that not only I experience, countless webmaster have experience. In the operation of Shanghai Jane network of the station during this time, I become a Indoorswoman, updated daily, promotion, optimization, exchange links, observation rankings, research techniques, pay a lot of small station, want the station and other fruit, I struggle in front of the station are long, study on the countless times, countless times for him around, oh, this can pay less

than male owners?

female stationmaster also is a female, also love beauty. Beauty is a woman’s nature, but how many people know how much courage it takes to be a station woman? Baidu knows why there are so few women”. Because women love beauty, love beautiful, every girl when she was young, countless times dream of becoming an angel, so do i.. But I often fall asleep late last night on the research site, and my eyes are swollen and swollen on the second day. I’m going to be a panda eye all night long. That hurts…… I will play for a week because of acne on the face not the law of life, for many years at the computer, not less than 12 hours a day, his face is yellow, lost, lost and shopping friends happy. The most hateful is the shoulder and arm began to dull pain. And all this, can a few females want to be stationmaster after seeing,


female webmaster, but also to pay for life. The family is regarded by many women as an important part of my life. Every day, besides the management station, I still need to live. Do laundry, cooking, mopping the floor, and do all the housework. If you ask for a nanny, I really don’t have that much money…… That I think some female webmaster is a wife and mother of the people, think they have to pay how much life……

face? Money? Health? Which is most important? In the cruel reality, can no money survive? Can it hurt without losing beauty? No.

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