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How to open a car 4S shop Xiao Bian coup

automotive market is unprecedented, the future prospects are unlimited, to find the right business projects, you need to work hard to find good business opportunities. Xiao Bian today, we are very concerned about the resolution of a problem: how to operate the car 4S shop? If you are investing or want to invest in the industry, you need a lot of attention.

A, to establish a service centric business philosophy, the establishment of

business management service center

1. only service is the real product of the car 4S shop. The choice of car brands is determined by the efforts of the car manufacturers, but the choice of which dealers to purchase by the car 4S shop service decisions. If we want to build the service brand, we have to be the creator of the service.

2. from the company’s business philosophy, corporate culture, service consciousness, service attitude, service professional level, professional and technical aspects of staff training, enterprises should establish a complete set of service training system and related materials.

3. training with experience sharing and jointly improve the atmosphere of the team, can be divided into sales, customer service, maintenance, installation and other beauty team will share the successful case, ask you to summarize, exchange and promotion of the work.

The stability of

4. maintain service team, an excellent service personnel, the company will be our customers away, this is a great loss to the company, from the employee’s training benefits, promotion, incentives and other aspects of the service staff, auto 4S shop to establish their own company only service staff the service is good, the stability of the company’s employees to build the concept of customer service team.

two, strengthen customer relationship management, customer resources, to establish a customer relationship management system and related management system and execution, customer sales by customers in a timely manner into customer service customers, do a timely and effective service to customers, to customers to effective communication and management of

three, will focus on the profit growth of the market, increase the profit growth of

four, how to run a car 4S shop? Service consultant team building

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