8 Jul

Chengdu city center will be located 1 km of new energy vehicles intelligent charging ring

non renewable resources are limited, so we want to continue to progress, we must constantly tap new energy. Chengdu strong response to the national call for new energy, new energy vehicles will be set up intelligent charging ring. Chengdu, Chengdu Expo exhibition, "made in Chengdu" Volvo S60L intelligent drive E plug-in hybrid car on display here. At present, the new energy vehicle is the leading industry of Chengdu’s outstanding development

new energy automotive industry chain

The city of


– YISHION Electric is the main strategic orientation, to plug-in hybrid transition, focus on promoting electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle industry;

– the formation of vehicle driving, parts support production pattern;

– support the existing automobile companies to develop new energy vehicles, and actively introduce new energy vehicles and key parts of enterprises, accelerate the formation of a complete hardware manufacturing system

car capital

in the field of public services, promote new energy vehicles in the public transport, public transport, municipal and other areas of application

– in the field of business services, promote the application of

new energy vehicles in logistics and distribution, tourist attractions, taxi etc.

in the private sector, to support the new energy vehicle sales, leasing enterprises in Chengdu development, deepening the time-sharing leasing business model, encourage and guide the private purchase and leasing of new energy vehicles

11 month 2 days, in Chengdu City, investment environment and international cooperation project matchmaking, Chengdu and a number of new energy automobile enterprises signed the "Chengdu new energy automotive industry alliance strategic cooperation agreement", Chengdu new energy automotive industry alliance was formally established.

According to the

protocol, the alliance will rely on Chengdu in the market, policy, service and other aspects of environmental advantages, jointly build a new energy automobile industry chain cooperation platform, to jointly build a new energy automotive industry chain, to build a new energy automotive industry production base with international competitiveness and demonstration base, to achieve green development to promote the development of national new energy vehicles the industry and the city of Chengdu.

this is just one of the many initiatives in the new energy automotive industry. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the City Commission by letter, Chengdu City, new energy development ideas of the whole automobile industry chain has been formed, according to the plan, Chengdu will build a new energy automobile repairer city "and" the car". By 2020, the basic shape of the city center 1 km intelligent charging circle, other districts (cities) of the county’s urban area of 1.5 km intelligent charging circle, the whole world to promote the application of new energy vehicles in Chengdu cumulative 100 thousand.


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