5 Jul

Saury prices fluctuate significantly reduce the number of species rarity

delicious saury is a treasure on the table, but this year, saury prices skyrocketing, may let more people purse with pressure. What is the reason for the price of saury soaring? Let’s look at it!


saury prices skyrocketing, sold for 3500 yuan per kilogram, the most expensive when sold on the yuan. In March, Zhejiang Shengsi, Jiangsu Jiangyin, Shanghai Chongming along the Yangtze River saury saury fishing fishermen in succession, along with the market lively. However, saury prices experienced 4 years of decline, the sudden surge in this year.

3   17, big fish average wholesale price from last year’s 500 yuan / kg soared to 2800 yuan / kg, cutlass fish retail price reached 3200 yuan per kilogram, Erliangban large saury retail price is as high as 3500 yuan / kg, saury in retail price as high as 1200 yuan -1300 yuan / kg. No matter big fish or in saury, this year the retail price is the highest in 4 years.


17, Oriental International Aquatic market many dealers with a "few" words summed up this year’s production last year, saury, "said saury yield is low, but this year can be said less and less, the output is less than half of last year, in recent years, at least one year."

went to the Yangtze River saury season, but this fish market retail price of up to 3500 yuan / kg, it is said that a few years ago was also higher than million, this is probably not many people will pay for it.

and saury globefish, and said "the Yangtze River shad Sam sun, high visibility, many diners come here. High visibility that is devastating for the Yangtze River saury is. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 these three years, the Yangtze River saury sales can be used to describe the madness, not only the price of consumption is big, clouds, into million range.

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