29 Jun

Liu Qiangdong is how to use the four principles

founder of Jingdong and tea sister finally licensing of marriage, from last year to now, they have robbed Wang Feng of news headlines, and fruition they let many people happy, how much bitterness? As an employee, Xiao Bian is more concerned about Liu Qiangdong is how to use, there are so four principles.


two, authorized

three, 8120 principles of

level employees, a management number not less than 20. To prevent more personnel than work available.

four, 2N

1, a manager in the post, do not advocate the original unit staff. Take one person at a time, with a lot of time must be dispersed to different departments.

2, team managers must find their own reserve talent within a year, or second years without considering its appreciation and so on. The manager will have to leave if he can’t find it within 2 years.

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