24 Jun

Work harder than others for their own work more happy

a lot of 80 people are now filled with different classes of different social positions, but most do the same thing, work. With a high salary, there is nothing, is our initial misunderstanding. Often dream of their own in the senior office, with a considerable salary, wearing fashionable clothes, fashion makeup, do a white collar.

for 80, looking for a job with a high salary is the most realistic problem. In the face of soaring prices, we can only do on his salary. But high salary is an affirmation of their own ability, otherwise no company will pay big bucks to hire a can do decorations, not to mention salary and will never be proportional to, you have a 7000, then the company pay you absolutely will not exceed 6500, and this is where the money will be smart business leaders.


– can not travel together with love of people, because no time to

– not with your male (female) friends go shopping together, because no time to


— not even work leisurely and carefree, going back and forth in a hurry, because in a hurry

should leave time to learn, to progress, to leave more time to do their work, in order to keep the high salary only be promoted step by step.

real problems are always in contradiction, we always tried to live a better life and work hard to climb, a look back, the quality of life is improving, but we should be buried belong to that age of happiness.

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