24 Jun

ce cream store to open three big money model

want to change their own destiny through the undertaking of many people, but what entrepreneurship is not a simple thing, just entrepreneurial projects are many, the choice of business a million, entrepreneurial model are endless, as modern entrepreneurs, how to choose between them? First of all, take a look at what the market is higher heat industry, followed by the following investigation will do. Today, there is a very good business opportunities, Xiao Bian recommended for you to open an ice cream store to make money, it is worth. The following is the three shop mode, can choose one.

a, high-end store:

open an ice cream store, you can choose the high-end store model. Customers to young white-collar women, the shop area of about 60-80 square meters, the high quality of the decoration requirements, but also the need to hire a staff of 5-10 catering service experience. In Shanghai a happy type ice cream shop for example, join gold investment include: 60 thousand yuan, 40 thousand yuan deposit, plus labor, rent, decoration fees, consultant fees, equipment costs, management fees, a total investment of about 400 thousand yuan.

two, mid-range store:

suitable for all sizes of the city, mainly to attract young girls and children, store 10-50 square meters, which can be separated from a few square meters of operating room, simple decoration, employing 1-5 employees can. This kind of chain store goods mostly by the head office supply, so join the relatively low cost. The franchise stores bumper cool drinks: the first year of the initial fee is 800 yuan, annual 300 yuan, 1000 yuan deposit, other expenses in decoration, labor, rent, management and facilities are relatively low, staff training is relatively simple, but the price of raw materials is high, a month is about 18000 yuan per month. Spending about 30 thousand yuan. Select the location close to the supermarket, community, market, school is better.

three, micro shop:

open an ice cream store, you can also choose a mini store model. Is a street takeaway, no Hall Food seats, so only about 2-4 square meters of equipment can be placed, employing 1, 2 employees. Beijing Saimeiwei food chain as an example: the shop area of only 2-5 square meters, including the initial fee, equipment fees, training fees, a total investment of funds opened from 20 thousand yuan to 60 thousand yuan. The best location in supermarkets, markets, schools nearby.

ice cream is also a lot of people choose entrepreneurship, seemingly simple ice cream shop in the business when it is not very simple thing, ice cream franchise mode has many kinds, after you invest can open an upscale shops, mid-range stores or small shops, which are good. As a result of the unity of the image of the chain stores, in order to maintain competitiveness, you choose to join the brand, you also need to consider their own stores in the whole chain of the system recommended

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