24 Jun

What mistakes should be avoided in the development of farmhouse

since the farmhouse in the market after the hot up, the number is constantly increasing, however, many of the operating conditions are not very good. In fact, the whole process of the reason why the effect is not ideal, often because of the existence of some errors. So, what should be avoided in the development process of farmhouse?

With the gradual deepening of the new rural construction,

is developing the rural economy. Among them, the farmhouse has become an important way to promote rural development. I have also been to a lot of local farmhouse, farmhouse is happy in the rapid development, there are still some problems can not be ignored, there are five specific errors.

one is the pursuit of luxury. The individual parts of the farmhouse courtyard was built like a luxury villa, lavish, beautifully decorated, just like a city hotel style. Visitors to the farmhouse, is to feel the breath of the countryside, the experience of rural life, enjoy the infinite pleasure of pastoral scenery. They do not go to the countryside to live in the hotel, luxury villas". On the contrary, the "wild" ("natural") and "indigenous" of the village are the goals that they are eager for.

two is the same style. Some local farmers to pursue the development of neat uniform, that is, the shape of the house – to the same mode of operation. This is clearly contrary to the development of farmers should pay attention to "characteristics", different principles. The development of the farmhouse to the system – planning, can not build chaos cover; but can not be similar in style.

– like a family, every family is the same, there is a lack of greater and deeper temptation to guests. If the village houses distinctive style, clean and tidy streets, each house furnishings style is different, not the same management tools. In this way, the tourists went to the home today, but also think about tomorrow to another home, the village people benefit.

three is a single method. Some farmers only provide food and drink for tourists.

visitors to the farmhouse is not just to eat and drink, but also to "play", "music". Can not play, do not get up, farmhouse is not called farmhouse happy". With the quickening pace of social development, modern tourists pay more attention to the new trends, differences, fresh. They came to the farmhouse to eat well, to highlight the "native, venison, has not seen the best, the more you play. Pedal pedal waterwheel, play CI loquat, push the stone to the fields, the mountains around, go to the scenic spots…… Such pastoral life is their desire and pursuit.

four is a solo. The development of the farmhouse, not only to reflect the characteristics of families, but also to join each other, common development. Many farmers just you develop your, I develop my, do not contact each other, do not cooperate with each other, do not support each other. So, weak, will result in unfavorable situation alone. And each other

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