24 Jun

Qixia Yantai total four actions to drive the majority of women entrepreneurs

with the development of modern society, the awakening of women’s consciousness, there are many women who have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship and wealth, at the same time in the whole society, but also gives a lot of very good female entrepreneurship policy.

"to enhance the quality of action. The in-depth implementation of the "female worker quality promotion project" and "create a learning organization, and knowledge workers" activities combined, through the development of the quality of female workers self compliance activities, guide the female workers based on their own, develop learning standards for long-term planning and short-term goals, and strive to improve their own quality. At the same time, organized by female workers forum, Sunday school, mobile classroom, seminars and other forms, provide occupation skills, for the female employees of laws and regulations, health care, psychological counseling, etiquette and a full range of learning and training, to promote the development of female workers to a higher and better position. Has organized various training courses, organization culture technology 23  mobile classroom 24, more than 80% female workers participated in various training, technical level of more than 65% of female workers on the basis of the original on one level.

"rights" action. Increase the intensity of the formation of female workers’ organization, the establishment of normal female workers rights through legal mechanism, sent to carry out into the enterprise, into the community, into the family law, thematic seminars and other activities, to popularize the knowledge of female workers to improve the legal awareness of rights according to law. To promote the special protection of women workers special collective contract signed in the contract legitimacy, rationality, effectiveness of efforts to effectively protect the rights and interests of female workers. On this basis, regular United Federation, human agency and other departments, the implementation of assessment of female workers of relevant laws and regulations, and urge enterprises to fulfill their responsibilities according to the law to protect the rights of female workers, political, economic, labor and education are effectively implemented.

"show" action. The organization to carry out "science technology, skills and Practice on" female workers big job training activities and "female workers make contributions to model and pacesetter award in recognition of activities, to guide the female worker is recommended

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