24 Jun

Liu Ying started because of interest

with diversified employment patterns, jobs are more and more, there are more and more people choose to do poineering work, if only the hot headed business that is certainly not, entrepreneurship is based on interest above, otherwise will only bring pain, here is a look at female entrepreneurs are feeling of.


in order to choose the ideal venture

Liu Ying, graduated from Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, officially entered the industry of their favorite — architectural landscape design, first came to this strange city of Shanghai, for a non graduate unaccompanied her is full of mysterious and full of temptation, she realized that this is just the starting point of life, they need more hard to realize their dreams.

lucky in her graduation last year entered the internationally renowned British architecture Atkins internship for three months and was officially hired, so high starting point is extremely important for her, in the internationalization of the company is not only to give her all kinds of international design concept, the most important is the mode of operation and management methods of internationalization the. After 7 years of honing in the industry, so that she has a strong wings to fly, all the way through the hardships and hardships to let her cherish everything now owned.

then, chasing the dream of Liu Ying actually have a be the envy of steady work, sometimes let her aura around the lost, but through the external surround, she felt sentimental young after steady is the most important time of take-off. In the voices of family and friends, along with the familiar words, there is always a gap between the ideal and reality, but she began to venture.

initial self improvement

business for everyone is not innate ideas, is inspired by this experience, Liu Ying began to use their imagination and use related their knowledge, try to open the first road of entrepreneurship.

recalls the early start of the idea is naive, and guide the direction of a listed company’s general manager Mr. Hu Xiaoying is in a confused Liu Ying, this man is her partner, she also entered the start on the road to horses, he was telling her he had hard work experience, he gave Liu Ying the inspiration and strength, so that before the trip.

people say that the dream is always a powerful and unconstrained style, in fact, can not be the slightest bit false, open up the road of entrepreneurship Liu Ying, along the way there are many difficulties and obstacles waiting for her to exclude, many unknowns, such as her crack. Starting at the beginning of the porter to the painter and then to the mechanic, and several posts must be completed by themselves, each of the small details are required to complete their own control. In addition to the popularity is not very busy, there is still lack of sales personnel and its cost budget, etc., are invisible to Liu Yinglong on a huge recommendation

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