22 Jun

Mainland to set up cross strait youth entrepreneurship base in 12 places

with the gradual increase of social employment pressure, more and more people realize that youth entrepreneurship to ease the employment pressure to promote the role of. Encourage young people to participate in entrepreneurial activities, and gradually incorporated into the local government work plan.

12 home business base are located in: Beijing Zhongguancun Venture Street, Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai Hui and photoelectric Co. Ltd. and Jiangsu kylin cross-strait SME Innovation Park, Nanjing City, Kunshan Zhejiang Wenzhou, the cross-strait youth entrepreneurship Park Taiwan youth employment service center, Zhejiang Hangzhou, Fujian yunqi town of Fuzhou Strait, creative industry park Fujian Xiamen cross-strait youth entrepreneurship and innovation base in Fujian Xiamen, creating a product Witkey maxspace, Dongxihu District of Hubei Taiwan youth entrepreneurship base and Guangdong Dongguan Songshan Lake hi tech park in Taiwan.

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