22 Jun

Small adorn article chain how to operate better

small ornaments can bring great magic, can make originally very monotonous space becomes more vivid and interesting, the required industry is also a lot of small entrepreneurs, small jewelry chain stores how to operate? Believe investors when running a small jewelry chain stores have a set of methods, today Xiaobian also to summarize 4 investors about small jewelry chain stores operating methods, including small jewelry chain stores sales strategy, small jewelry chain stores of jewelry display and store decoration and cost estimation. Here follow the small series to look at it!

1, sales strategy: membership card, spending a certain amount, can get a membership card, after shopping can enjoy preferential discount.; declined to bargain, jewelry prices generally low, consumers are not sensitive to price, no need to bargain; special offer, can set up a "student special offer" or "ten yuan special offer five yuan special offer", is mainly the promotion of some of the backlog of accessories.

how to open a small jewelry chain stores to make money? The character area can set up a "Korean jewelry", "Tibetan jewelry blue cloth accessories" and so on, to open a small jewelry chain stores money? Outstanding characteristic management; theme sales behavior can be subdivided further consumer purchase of jewelry. According to different subjects, each portfolio includes a small adorn article; holiday sales, sales on holiday on holiday.

2, jewelry display: small adorn article chain store jewelry to pay attention to. Open a small jewelry chain stores money? To attract the attention of consumers in the first time, to pay attention to the following points: jewelry display is not too crowded, should make full use of space, chic clever collocation; the latest accessories best placed in the obvious position, and is equipped with indicator.

3. store decoration: Name: novel, close to consumers, and the overall style of the decoration. Store: open a small jewelry store to make money? To reflect the feminization of the feeling, to create a soft and delicate atmosphere of women, it is best to have light, music. Outside the shop: to eye-catching, visual impact, attractive, so that consumers at first glance.

4. cost estimation: investment 40 thousand yuan for pavement decoration and related equipment purchase; 30 thousand yuan for 4 months (quarterly pay plus one month deposit) rent expense; 40 thousand yuan for the first purchase distribution; in addition, 10 thousand yuan for the clerk salary, promotion and other fees; the remaining 30 thousand yuan for transfer.

if you want to run such a store, the site is also need to pay more attention, do not know how to do business, you can choose a reliable project. Small adorn article chain stores how to operate, but also requires the operator in the process of opening the shop slowly summed up the above four aspects, I hope the small jewelry store chain operators have a reference. < / recommendation

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