21 Jun

Strawberry teach you easy to become rich

is a representative group of people in modern society, has a lot in common, with typical characteristics, with the continuous expansion of the market, college students have become increasingly popular business. Now, let’s go to see the strawberries, how to teach you to become rich!

"entrepreneurial process very hard, hard after I taste is sweet and mellow. Government incentives to entrepreneurs let me cheer, I want to help more people through their own entrepreneurship." This is a college entrepreneur He Jun wrote in the QQ log in a sentence.

see he Jun, T-shirt, jeans, sneakers, whole body full of sunshine and vitality, it is hard to believe that the young man was born in 1987 was the day with the land, greenhouse entanglement, but talking about their choice of planting strawberry Road, he closely reasoned and well argued with confidence.

was born in Sichuan village Shao Jia Du street He Jian Jun, grew up with green mountains and rivers knot puzzled love, before high school, during the holidays will help their parents work together. He Jun’s mother said, the son is a very pragmatic, but also a very serious person.

"farm Yang come to anything? University is not white read!" "Young people like him in the village, after going out to study, all want to find a unit in the city to work, no one is willing to return to the ground like him."…… In the eyes of his family and neighbors questioned, but stubbornly insisted He Jun: I look for, agriculture is a very broad prospects for the development of the platform."

strawberry planting need intensive and meticulous farming next time, and almost every day he Jun are in strawberry greenhouses for He Jun said, every morning into the shed, there are new surprises. A flower blooming, the petals wither, strawberry fruit will head out with a small. Gradually, red strawberry smile, this is undoubtedly the biggest reward for the hard work he Jun.

through several months of hard work, in October last year, the first batch of more than and 200 kilograms of ripe strawberries. He Jun carefully packed the strawberries and sent them to the city

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