18 Jun

Hefei Metro Line 1 will be opened by the end of

With the rapid development of economy, with the rapid development of economy, the vehicles in the city are increasing constantly, but the road is only so big that all the traffic jams often occur in

. August 1st, Hefei Rail Transit Line 1 start no-load test run. According to the plan, by the end of this year, the 1 line will be officially opened to traffic. For the people of Hefei, the opening of the subway will greatly optimize traffic, convenient travel, but also to provide a new direction for home buyers and investment. According to the survey, after the formation of the subway network, more than 70% of respondents will take the subway as the city’s first choice to reduce self driving.

for home buyers, subway room has become a major factor, priority despite the real good subway has been out, prices have been higher than the surrounding price, but more than 90% of respondents believe that after the subway opened, Metro housing prices will continue to rise, with investment value. From a commercial point of view, the majority of respondents believe that the vicinity of the subway station may form a new business district, or solve the old business district can not stop the pain points, so that it rejuvenated. Underground retail small business and subway station near the apartment, is also optimistic about the popular investment projects.

time flies really fast, rail transit line 1 start no-load test run nearly a week. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that the line 1 subway train a total of 26 columns, has been produced to train, delivery of the 18 train. In September, all station staff will all arrive, a total of more than and 500 people.

so far has delivered 18 trains

Hefei rail transit line one or two phase of the project has a total of 26 trains, at present most of the train has arrived in Zhujianglu Road, the rest of the train is also stepping up the assembly process in the.

7 30, line 15 train in Zhujianglu Road vehicle base to complete the transfer of. From August 1st to October across the board simulation test run, as the vehicle supplier, Hefei Zhongche customer service team is to line 1 train to the successful completion of all exercises escort.

for the completion of the escort work, Hefei Zhongche customer service team organized a total of 13 employees, divided into 3 groups, more than 10 hours with the vehicle test run. From the 1 line nine joint station to HeFei Railway Station 24.58 kilometers every day, run back and forth 2, customer service personnel with the whole car, collect train related data for the first time, to prevent failure problems may occur.

Hefei line 1 subway train has a total of 26 columns, has been produced to the train of twenty-third, delivery of the train of 18. At present, there are 15 trains to reach the full trial operation conditions, all on-line test run. It is worth mentioning that, in all 26 trains, in addition to the first type test sample, 25 trains all really "cars in Hefei, Hefei".

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