18 Jun

Guangdong Hong Kong into the north to start the business of Guangdong Hong Kong and Macao the firs


management policy to attract more and more Taiwan or returnees entrepreneurial passion, NPC and CPPCC after the double work is carried out in fiery waves, Hongkong young entrepreneurs also have to come to the mainland business, Guangdong has become the first Hong Kong Youth Entrepreneurship north.


In the just concluded

mode innovation cooperation between Guangdong and Hong Kong

"YMCA is indeed the older generation of Hong Kong businessmen pay more attention to" soft environment "." Guangdong Province Trade Office Deputy Director Chen Guangjun said that Guangdong FTA will persist in innovation this year, docking international high standard of investment and trade rules of the system, the establishment of the international legal service system, to explore the management of intellectual property rights and the establishment of a unified law enforcement system, the construction of the international intellectual property protection and service system.

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