17 Jun

Small investment to do what business is good

many people think that this small investment will be limited, because of lack of funds, time will bound hands and feet. In fact, this is not the case, as long as the identification of the project, to find the target, but also a bold venture. The most important thing is to see if you will choose. The following Xiaobian recommend three good small investment venture projects, take a look at it!

small investment venture project: Hand Crochet small pendant


project is weaving all kinds of accessories for cashmere wool hook, and then assembled into a variety of animal pendants and other jewelry, pure manual operation, can homework, do not need to rent, an initial investment of 20 thousand yuan. Suitable for laid-off women to choose, the prospects are good, especially export orders more.

small investment venture: lovers gift shop

the project establishment conditions similar to ordinary boutique, but the operating style is different, it pays more attention to the business of a " " the word should be both practical and let people feel warm and warm. In addition, the market survey is also very important, the couple gifts are closely followed by fashion, do not understand the needs of consumers and blind self management and development is likely to lead to poor sales.

small investment venture: old clothing store

clothing stores for the elderly lack of the status quo, the establishment of an old clothing store, in the entrepreneurial profits at the same time to solve the problem of the elderly to buy clothes. Entrepreneurs should pay attention to the elderly clothing styles, fabrics, color preferences, suitable for the elderly to wear and reflect the characteristics of the elderly clothing. As some of the solemn business suit, suits, jackets, coats and so on, can also operate some shoes and hats, ties, scarves and other elderly living goods, can also operate the elderly favorite fabric, sewing master please one or two good old clothing for the elderly, custom clothing etc..

these three small businesses are more popular in the industry, attention is relatively high. Therefore, entrepreneurs in the shop before, may wish to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the surrounding business district, should not be repeated in the same area shop, this is not conducive to long-term development.

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