15 Jun

2012 analysis of the most profitable industries up

2012, what is the most profitable investment business? Then listen to small series for you to come slowly! Friends are welcome to refer to the most lucrative industry in 2012 and the most profitable industry analysis in 2012, I hope to help you! When it comes to profiteering industry, can not help but think of low cost high returns, there are a lot of money. In China, which industry is profiteering industry, we can also make a profit from it?

One of the most violent 2012 [

]: the real estate industry

[2012 the most violent industry two: glasses]

[2012 the most violent of the three: the funeral industry


[2012 four: the industry’s most violent drug health products]

in drug prices artificially high condemnation, some parity pharmacies in the country blossom everywhere. Some parity pharmacies to lower than the average retail price of 45% approved sales price. However, even if the price of 45%, can still be profitable, you can imagine the extent of drug retail profits.

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