15 Jun

What are the characteristics of the strange and eccentric name type

do you have such experience? Enter a shop, not familiar with the store, may be interested in this store products, and is only interested in the name. In short, in addition to shopping malls, shops and specialty shops along the characteristics of the store to become the first choice for young people. While shopping, in addition to shopping there are some memorable moments. Recently attracted a variety of strange and eccentric characteristics of shop name, do not know if there is no cheese to go? Today we will look at the name of eight hundred and eighteen, what type of!

, a big pull English

Many people

characteristic shop name "Touth" does not taste what I know, but the owner is very intimate with Chinese, a "rabbit Si"; many lovely interesting name "duokeai"? Yes, this is Chinese pinyin!

now in addition to join the brand shop will write directly on the brand name, or really tired of the non mainstream and straightforward in its name and highlight their products, the majority owner of the shop on their own name is puzzling. The thoughts will comply with international standards, so there are many shops in the streets and lanes, with individual name English do. Choose to do English the name of the owner, not much good at English, is more of a feeling.

is also a kind of Pinyin posing as English, as pictured above is a. However, the owner is still very cute, and asked what the meaning of the English, the owner is very cute to say how cute ah, this is the phonetic hey. The shopkeeper said recently will consider re decoration name may change, but English is a good choice.

two, digital confession type

520 has a fun name, on behalf of the heart, "I love you", love is clothes. There are 520 and 920, "love you" love here Yiyi, really talented! Choose to use pure digital names, there must be a certain meaning. Is the owner has a story? This is not known. But it is certain that in such a romantic figure ranked as the name, the owner of the store is a very delicate mind.

three, the concept of image


name to the concept of time, what is this shop business will not watch?

The name

fun toys, may not be very image, but a look at the name was probably know it

as Time above the concept of time and toys quality, but such concepts go fan shop, the boss must have their own thoughts, and good at expression by some way to visualize it. Time time >

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