15 Jun

How to make a woman’s money Different types of treatment

a lot of people say that a woman’s money is best earned, in fact, this sentence is really right. Women love to spend, love to buy things, which is their hobbies and interests. So how to make a woman’s money? In fact, different women, to use different ways to make money. The following Xiaobian summed up several types of women to make money, take a look at it!

The first lady: grade

this group a significant common is that they all have considerable economic strength. In the choice of goods, they pay more attention to the product quality; in the purchase of services, their preference to provide one to one ” ” professional VIP treatment; at the time of consumption, they put more style and shopping atmosphere in the same height and product quality requirements. Grade ladies are willing to spend money to enjoy leisure life, with 30~39 years old have the economic strength of women for the majority.



money method: the first step is to do early investors for this kind of Lady taste to create a comfortable and even luxurious shopping space, at the same time, the best in this space can Piyou VIP rooms, to meet the needs of this group to protect the privacy of their requirements; secondly, in the choice of goods, with less but the principle of limited sale of goods, items and to tailor products; finally, in the sales strategy, there are barriers to entry VIP system easier to get the consumer identity.
Compared with grade


money method: the fashion trend for the family is most concerned about, and reflect the trend of the front of the carrier is multi media. Therefore, in the sales process, according to the media to disclose the fashion trend as well as celebrity endorsements, to adjust the sales content and business model.




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