15 Jun

Jiangsu welcomes the largest returnees entrepreneurial tide

as a result of the whole social environment is now a good business, but also to attract a large number of entrepreneurs who return home business, recently, in Jiangsu on the formation of such a new round of entrepreneurial tide.

9, the famous American chemist, Nantong East Pharmaceutical chairman Huang Lequn to leave the United States, were invited to participate in the Sino American Pharmaceutical Association annual meeting speech, the theme is to describe how the United States of Chinese home business. Entrepreneurship has become Huang Lequn said that the past two years, overseas students to return to business enthusiasm is high, he often received the United States, Europe, a variety of Chinese science and technology associations, associations invited to teach entrepreneurial experience.

8 30, the reporter walked into the Suzhou high tech Zone in the park of overseas students in the ripple Information Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou. This is the United States Dr. Liu Yang this year, the establishment of intelligent security company. Slightly crowded in the office, a huge portrait of Sun Zhongshan particularly eye-catching. Liu Yang said that Sun Zhongshan is his idol, "he returned home in the national crisis, I came back in the era of peace, but we have the same goal – to build the motherland more powerful."

1978 was born in the year of Liu Yang from the University of Michigan, after graduation, in Silicon Valley set up a networking company, specializing in the production of smart home security system, because the products fit the American household demand is very popular. I am a Chinese, I do well in the United States is the United States business." – this is the reason for Liu Yang to return to business. Last year, Liu Yang participated in the Suzhou municipal government held a high-level talent competition in North America won the grand prize. In order to start a business in Suzhou, Liu Yang transferred the U.S. company, his wife and children to Suzhou. Liu Yang holding the core technology is full of confidence, he said his goal is to do 5 years in the field of global intelligence security NO.1.

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