15 Jun

Science and technology industry new aspect HUAWE mobile phone one or two years to win apple

mobile phone brand and Apple’s influence beyond count, is recognized by the market, as the domestic mobile phone brands, HUAWEI’s ambition is not small, the strength of the mobile phone industry to gain a throne, continuous innovation, and strive to continuously reform, more than apple.

11 26 July, the Shanghai Expo Center, both inside and outside hanging billboard HUAWEI’s slogan is "obsession is a kind of belief".

past HUAWEI high-end flagship machine are put in a foreign country first released, but this time due to missed the overseas Christmas season, only the Mate8 conference back home.

conference site no scripts, no feelings, no "choking", but HUAWEI consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong is still very mad".

"obsession is what kind of things, is a belief in a good way, no second, only the first in my dictionary, our goal is to first." He was in an interview with reporters after the meeting boasted in his own hands to HUAWEI’s wireless network business to the world’s first, this time the phone business is still the world’s first target.

Yu Chengdong this "arrogance" and "tinkling se source to complete this year HUAWEI consumer business objectives, the original goal is to realize the beginning of global revenues of $16 billion, but now it could reach $20 billion.

"I hope to be able to Mate8 sales reached 10 million, including our next P9 also hope to be able to reach 10 million." Yu Chengdong said that due to the Mate8 release postponed for several months, missed the Christmas shopping season overseas, but I hope to have a very good performance in the Chinese Spring Festival market.

before rumors outside Mate8 to use graphene battery, November 26th China A stock market graphene stocks affected by this news also rose. But Yu Chengdong said the same day, graphene recommended

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