15 Jun

Vice president of HUST Liu Yu became known as entrepreneurial matchmaker

with emphasis on college students entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education courses gradually launched. But there are a lot of people questioned, the university teachers do not have entrepreneurial success experience, can teach students how to start a business? Professor Liu Yu is a good proof of her years of free help young entrepreneurs looking for investors, as students in the "Godfather" entrepreneurial matchmaker.

58 year old Liu Yu, associate dean of the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, is also the founder of the Dian team. In the eyes of the students, she became a godfather level character.

in a whole wall huakeda Qiming seven floor, covered with more than and 500 photos, the Dian team beat spectrum.   in 2002, in the Department of mechanical and Electrical Department of Liu Yu founded a tutorial based incubator, and use their own internet access ID "Dian" in the name of the growth of the accumulation of. Currently, the founder of the team members and participate in the creation of start-up companies have 31, of which there are 2 people also boarded the Forbes cutting-edge list.

now turned matchmaker, Liu Yujin Jin Tao: "the title of" entrepreneurial matchmaker "no less than" entrepreneurship "inferior. Not only do I have to be ‘blind date’, but also to get married". In February this year, when Liu Yu attended the Beijing Alumni Association, did not expect the scene will have entrepreneurs, investors to help her. So, she pulled the scene, a Shanghai entrepreneur will be introduced to investors in Shanghai. Back in Wuhan, she began to start the "entrepreneurial matchmaker" plan. March, the first phase of entrepreneurial blind will be held. After an investor to participate in exclamation, the project quality is very high.

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