15 Jun

Corporate investment skills experience sharing

investment is one of the effective means to expand the market, but many small and medium enterprises lack of investment skills, can not be precise attack, resulting in waste of resources can not get the desired effect of investment. Xiao Bian today to share with you some of the practical experience of investment.

these bloody lessons, the reason, in addition to the timing of the improper; another important reason is that investment will be poorly organized. Many enterprises attach too much importance to the lively scene and the media’s propaganda, but ignore the most practical grasp of the investment work. The work involves the organization structure, work flow, rewards and punishments, customer tracking, and the late service. The investment of marketing management, is a complicated system engineering ring connected. It is necessary for enterprises to cooperate with each other.

to succeed must have the following elements:

1, a viable profit model:

2, professional investment team:

The investment behavior of enterprises is

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