15 Jun

The latest gold chain convenience stores

the rapid development of society, people’s pace of life to improve, each person as far as possible to find the most convenient way of life, in which fast food convenience store came into being. In the past two years, the development of chain convenience stores is extremely rapid. Developed by 7-11, can be of good moral, Quik and as a representative of a large chain of convenience stores fast. These chain convenience store flagship convenience card, the product price is higher than the general high, large profit margins. Because of its spread all over the city each angle, has become a necessary complement to the super big, grow into the main channel with the big super parallel form.

, a regional chain of convenience stores.

two, quickener.

Quik is one of the East China market development in recent years the fastest convenience store brand. Relying on such a special platform for the development of gas stations, the rapid occupation of the East China market, and to the national reproduction. Shanghai Lianhua Quik Co. Ltd. and Sinopec Beijing headquarters of cooperation is clearly a win-win strategy. In fact, in foreign countries, gas station chain business itself has developed into a mature industry. Some developed countries in the construction of gas stations at the same time, often fast food, coffee shops, retail stores and other facilities in the planning, to take the gas station + convenience store mode. The interaction between the two sides, brewing a more adapt to the needs of the modern metropolis market big change".

three, germany.

good by ngs full investment subsidiary, in April 2001, Hongkou District opened a shop in Shanghai. Good German site devaluation downtown, while ignoring the ordinary residents, then took a different approach to the general convenience store, that is, according to the different site selection of different commodity structure. For example, in some community stores opened eggs, soy sauce sales and other non convenience store business. Although these non urgent needs of the product is lower gross profit, but they believe that the characteristics of the service to expand the new convenience brand in the visibility of ordinary residents have a good effect. Facts have proved that good German brand strategy is more successful.

four, the.

can has a strong capital operation >

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