15 Jun

Sichuan youth entrepreneurship promotion program released the latest statistics

SYE is the Sichuan youth entrepreneurship promotion program, since the implementation of many young people in Sichuan successfully stepped onto the entrepreneurial path. According to the data show that the current Sichuan young entrepreneurs prefer traditional projects, in addition to the number of female entrepreneurs have significantly improved.

"to try!" Guan Zuping handed over a deep fried snail, brown shell, is bigger than the fist, only small children. The reporter carefully picked out the meat into his mouth. Is it delicious?" "A little spicy"……



class agriculture and other traditional industries, most of the project

data show that in the 415 through the project SYE review, IT computer and software project 42, accounting for only 10.1%. The animal husbandry and fishery projects 147, accounting for 35.4% of the total; wholesale and retail 93 projects, accounting for 22.4%. Leasing and business services, resident services, repairs and other services 52 projects, accounting for 12.5%; accommodation and catering projects 33, accounting for 8%; cultural entertainment projects 23, accounting for 5.5%; other projects accounted for 6.1%. It can be seen that at present our province young entrepreneurs mainly choose a little money, easy to open and relatively low risk industries, such as agriculture class.

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