15 Jun

How much does it cost to join the restaurant

how much does it cost to join the restaurant? What is the main expenditure to mention now? Let the whole network Xiaobian to introduce, believe you introduced through the following contents of catering franchise investment also had some knowledge and understanding.

A, equipment costs, production facilities cost is one of the larger restaurants construction project cost. These facilities include: kitchen equipment in a variety of cooking equipment, storage and refrigeration equipment, transportation equipment, washing equipment, processing equipment, cleaning equipment (dishwasher, etc.) and thermal insulation equipment. Other large equipment, such as air conditioning, ventilation, sound facilities, fire safety facilities and purchase vehicles.

two, furniture purchase costs, including the restaurant business required tables and chairs, stools, sideboard, coatrack etc..

The acquisition cost of

five, working capital, refers to the purchase of food raw materials for the early opening and daily turnover of funds needed.

six, the start-up costs, the cost is open for a variety of start-up costs, such as business license fees, registration fees, insurance fees etc..

seven, loan interest payments, to build restaurant loans in accordance with the provisions of the required interest payments.

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