15 Jun

What are the new cigarette sales tricks

new cigarettes, although profits are often good, if you can sell out, the return can be very. However, because the market is not familiar with, if you want to allow more people to accept, but also need to master the owner of the relevant business skills. In fact, the new cigarette sales are a certain tricks can be observed. So, what are the new cigarette sales tricks?

"five strokes"

tricks: a beautiful terminal desire. First of all, to clean up their own shops, to consumers a comfortable shopping environment. Secondly, the new cigarette box and both single box with the largest area to display showcase, annotated listing of new words with eye-catching signs, let the customer first glance to see a display of the new cigarette, thus stimulates the customer to the cigarette to try it.

two tricks: word of mouth sparkling discourse transfer. With a strong desire to consume, due to the variety of cigarettes on the cigarette cabinet display, dazzling, consumers staring at the smoke cabinet, do not know what kind of smoke. At this time, the owners will use their eloquence, with subtle language, clever marketing, to promote the brand name and reputation of consumers.

tricks three: push product. Of course, we also want to understand the needs of consumers, the first to understand the consumer’s price and taste, according to different customers recommend different cigarettes. Love taste heavy "Septwolves (Transportation)" and "Septwolves (through Wonderland)," love light taste "Septwolves (Chun Ya)" and "Septwolves (pure territory)", if not what the special requirements of the first high priced.

tricks four: free tasting customers. With a new product that allows customers to enjoy free, it seems to lose money, but in the long run, both increased sales and expanded publicity, earned popularity. For a long time we became friends, when a customer enters the door, you will give him a cigarette, he will feel you are very atmosphere, a sense of trust. He smoked a cigarette, in the heart that you owe him, anyway, he wants to smoke, after buying cigarettes must first think of you here.

tricks five: buy and sell to promote sales. When consumers accept the products and after purchase, some shopkeepers will give them some gift lighters such small gifts, so let consumers feel that the purchase of new can have a fresh feeling, and can also get a small profit, not only the next purchase opportunities will be greatly increased, but also other new products to try again.

any market is in fact the case, a new listing, if you want to make the public can accept, do not take certain business skills is actually very difficult to do. So, if you are a business operator, with a small series of these tricks, you know how to sell cigarettes to the public?

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