15 Jun

How to get a customer to remember the name of the restaurant

streets, restaurants are everywhere, a lot of time in fact, the operation of the product is not how distinctive features, which requires operators to start from more other aspects. Among them, from a consumer can remember the name is a good practice. In short, a good, fun, interesting, so that customers at a glance can remember the name, is the first step of the restaurant business.

1, simple and clear

restaurant name can not be too obscure, should be able to make all the target guests can easily understand, so it is convenient for guests to restaurant information communicated to other people. The simple name of the restaurant would easily spread between the guest, "eating in different", "little pig" and "friends circle" and "go" and "furnace fish" the restaurant name, is very easy to remember.


case: "Cardiff fried women with" dining name attract guests

has two couples who want to open a small area, is a potluck, public food restaurant. In order to let the person or the person who passed by a deep impression, the couple thought over and over again to the restaurant named "husband with the woman," the name is both easy to understand, and good to remember, attracted a lot of followers.

2, easy to remember

is the name of the restaurant must be very smooth, convenient to the guest memory, so that it can transmit. To do this, the name of the restaurant must pay attention to the charm of the language and smooth, but also should always consider the needs of the consumer to capture the spirit, resonate with consumers. For those humorous restaurant name, customers are generally remember unconsciously, such as "DongLaiShun restaurant" and "Pakistan * * * will pan", "Sichuan fat restaurant" and "haoxianglai restaurant" etc.. On the contrary, some of the name of a restaurant but make people feel uncomfortable and feeble, meaning, such as "Xiao erhei restaurant", "Stinky girl restaurant" etc..

case: happy to eat the code let the guests eat happy

once the CCTV program "Happy Dictionary" popular on both sides of the Changjiang River restaurant owner in the name, some moving from the mind. For example, Chongqing Yubei District a restaurant owner and a trump card column climbing up "relatives", the name changed to "eat happy dian". The boss said with a smile after the sign on the business is much better!

3, highlighting the selling point

the name of the small restaurant can also highlight the selling point of the restaurant, showing the restaurant business projects, business style, etc.. Therefore, the restaurant name must be consistent with the content, characteristics, style, you must not arbitrarily. For example, you can pick up something like "Mongolia barbecue", "Xinjiang grill"

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