15 Jun

Meizu yellow chapter how to achieve mobile phone myth

mobile phone brand many, but the real famous is that a few, which is representative of good mobile phone Meizu, Meizu can have today’s achievements cannot do without its founder Huang Zhang said, if you don’t believe, Huang Zhangyi began just a small carpenter, but was later in the mobile phone industry has set off wave, whether he is to create this myth? Come together to understand.

from Cantonese to selection

was born in Guangdong, Meizhou, Huang Zhang has special feelings for Cantonese cuisine. As one of the eight major cuisines in China, Cantonese cuisine is characterized by its wide range of materials and selection of materials. Before the start of the chapter, once holding pots and pans, feverishly to study how to make the best of guangdong. It is understood that the people of the Yellow chapter revealed that the Yellow chapter of the home there are five Cantonese chef, and the details of the ingredients, such as he is still personally controlled, strict standards that he can only choose to grow vegetables.

if a finished product is regarded as a product, the ingredients are like the original. In 2004 focused on the MP3 player market, Meizu has been the audio chip Sigmatel’s biggest customers, said Sigmatel America even sent to Zhuhai to Meizu issued a global first Sigmatel3520 chip 100 thousand commemorative plate. However, a year later, Meizu suddenly make a new start, from Sigmatel chip, using PHILPS chips. Huang Zhang’s reason is simple – why not better?


first mobile phone M8 with iPhone3GS had the same chip, Samsung S3C6410 chip, it now seems not what, but in 2009 the wild environment Chinese intelligent mobile phone, the so-called "copycat" domestic manufacturers typically are MTK chip + housing direct sales, mobile phone or even mixed with a lot of preset chargeback software. In the south of the plant Meizu from the beginning and cottage machine field to draw a line, although M8 body is still filled with a strong smell of apple. In the Meizu company spread such a little thing, in 2005, when the construction of the Zhuhai office building, the cafeteria floor smashed three times, only because the Yellow chapter is not satisfied.

villa: tear down

Huang Zhang had bought a villa, demolished, and then in accordance with their own ideas on this basis to re build a. In the company’s strategic decisions, Huang Zhang did have the courage and courage villa. Around 2006, the chapter saw a decline MP3 player industry potential, so drastic to abandon the domestic MP3 market leader position, to join the smart mobile phone market. At the end of 2007, several manufacturers MP3 industry only jointly held the "Nirvana conference", while industry leader Meizu unexpectedly missed. "We were standing on the top of the mountain, we found no way to go." Meizu marketing director Hua Hailiang said.


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