15 Jun

Red full home to join the introduction of hot pot

what is innovation, Xiao Bian heard a saying that, a novel idea of innovation is not you, but a collaborative innovation team, let your ideas to the market on the basis of the tradition, can make the most of the audience to accept, as the most common is the innovation.

Modern fashion style

red full cafeteria Hot pot on the basis of remaining tradition into the post; to break the traditional business model, enhance the software and hardware construction, the new concept of leisure catering, building with the environment, the taste of the new self Hot pot dish features healthy nutrition, unique flavor. With the soup from the raw material, cooking techniques, difference, differences in the sum, so that the meat and carotene, raw and cooked, spicy and sweet, tender and crisp cotton rotten, fragrance and mellow wonderful together.

red house full of self-service hot pot shop is a hot pot of raw materials (raw materials and semi-finished products, etc.) and all of the dishes on the hot pot in a certain area, by the guests to choose their own, fewer hot pot restaurants. In addition to this kind of hot pot has the characteristics of randomness, freedom, but also has a greater selectivity, feel a greater sense of satisfaction. Self-service shop layout has Hot pot open, to the hall, pot goods with one or two main varieties, the taste of popularization as well, the price limit the amount of consumption per person to take on more flexible, service, service personnel less, customer participation and self satisfaction to be reflected, pay attention to raw materials and food rich, avoid wasting, make full use of space and movement of customers.

red full home hot pot join process

1, through the network, telephone to understand

2, visit, taste taste

3, signed an intention to join the contract, the intention to pay gold

4, headquarters sent shop inspection

5, the store signed a formal contract

6, shop decoration personnel recruitment, training

7, headquarters to assist the relevant formalities

8, headquarters to arrange the distribution of raw materials, raw materials procurement

9, determine the business hours, the official business hours

10, business planning, publicity

11, trial business

12, a variety of processes to improve and improve

13, the official business


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