15 Jun

Open for pottery wife couple profits

Liu Xingkai and Jess Zhang like many college students, in the most beautiful time introduced by students met at that time, Liu Xingkai to pleased Jess Zhang, specially made a pottery figurines to her, did not think Jess Zhang is very love, asking where to do, how to do the two people in one? A ceramic workshop around the school together again made a piece of pottery, so the process of two young hearts in love in making pottery.

ceramic for wife

since the university period contact Liu Xingkai pottery, in Jess Zhang’s infection also gradually on the art of interest, of course, is far better than Jess Zhang’s obsession. "I know, she is a romantic person, just like a lot of people want to open a coffee shop or a clothing store, it is my wife’s dream to open a pottery".

2012 two people have a savings, Liu Xingkai hopes to help his wife to achieve the dream, open a ceramic bar, and after repeated discussions with parents, the two decided to start. "At first, my husband didn’t quit, but I quit

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