15 Jun

What is restricting the development of dry cleaners immediately announced the answer

cleaners make a lot of money, this is an indisputable fact, however, not all of the dry cleaning business are so good, but many dry cleaners were restricted by some factors, resulting in the shop business is bleak, even put up the shutters. Open dry cleaners, we do not have to think about how much money can be prepared to be prepared for a long time. The reasons are as follows:

1 dry low and peak seasons, the season is well run can make a lot of off-season, bad business may lose a lot, usually ready to open two or three store money to open a shop, the extra money for the flow of expenditure and maintenance; 2 Calculation of a good shop rent, business expenses artificial wages, daily consumables, utilities and other recurrent costs; 3 regardless of season, the opening of the shop customers have to join. It takes time for a new store to get customer approval, especially around the house. It’s been a tough time. 4 properly managed, up and down together, you can earn some; otherwise, it seems a large volume of customers, it will lose money in private.

What is

in constraining the development of dry cleaners?

a staff should be streamlined, strengthen management consciousness. Dry cleaning in China started late. Two is a variety of costs to the province (including shop rent, wages, etc.) three is not free to discount, and the four is not to mess up the market.

some laundry, skin care category – dry cleaners. Nowadays. Although also to wash some clothes, but because of the lack of professional nursing technology, do not know how to use high quality leather and professional tools, not only can not care high-grade leather products, even if the general nursing coats will appear fade, Xia Tianfa clay, winter burst phenomenon, although low fees, but the customer satisfactory care. That caused a lot of disputes, so that laundry is not only earn money, but lose money. Therefore, the skin care market has not developed this kind of naive.

operator must undergo a rigorous technical training


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