15 Jun

Nanjing bank financial products after the loss of up to 15%

is now a lot of banks on the market, are vigorously promoting their own financial products are not only safe but also guarantee high returns. But the behavior of the investors in the Bank of Nanjing fooled people stunned. The following together to understand what is going on.

in June last year, the Bank of Nanjing (601009, shares) sales of a "Xin Yuan fund" in the first half period of financial products, the bank financial manager claimed that "low risk" sound "during the first half of 13%, absolute return" subordinate branch through leaflets, mobile phone SMS to promote, but after a period of high loss 15%. At the end of last year, hundreds of investors gathered in front of the bank to discuss the statement, denounced the bank false propaganda to deceive consumers.

3 21, the Jiangsu Securities Regulatory Commission issued a written administrative regulatory measures on the Bank of Nanjing, Limited by Share Ltd to take corrective action decision (hereinafter referred to as the decision). The "decision" said, through on-site inspection, found that there are many problems in the fund sales business, requirements for violations are correct, and further enhance the awareness of compliance, strengthen the fund sales business compliance management, strengthen the personnel qualification management, strengthen the internal audit work, prevent the recurrence of violations.

Bank of Nanjing to provide a written reply "China Economic Weekly" said in the bank is in accordance with regulatory requirements for rectification, be patient and meticulous communication with investors, and provide financial products for docking, in order to reduce the loss.

according to the central broadcasting network reported, a reporter asked about the Xin Yuan fund investor claims, the Bank of Nanjing, the Secretary of the board of directors Tang Che Hsin responded: "stocks are winning and losing it, this is a normal phenomenon, never mind with investors."

absolute return 13% change loss of 15%

The old man told

some investment in "Chinese Economic Weekly" reporter, in June last year, the Bank of Nanjing branch to recommend they called Xin Yuan in the first half fixed open bond fund products, financial manager, said the fund is a low risk level, steady growth of financial products, not to invest in stocks, some branch also promised to have security at the end of the rate of return, in the publicity of the widespread use of "high yield" and "stability" of the "absolute return" "value" "is higher than the deposit" and "higher financial" and other words, is emblazoned with "half absolute return 13%" publicity, said the Bank of Nanjing launched its own financial products.

Xin Yuan

scheduled to open bond fund, is sponsored by the Shanghai Xin Yuan fund management Co., Ltd., is Xin Yuan a year set to open Xin Yuan fund and half fixed open fund two, the product is actually a non guaranteed floating income financial products.

but many investors in the Bank of Nanjing business to see this was introduced as high-yield, stable recommendation

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