12 Dec

Storyboarding Like A Pro

first_imgTaking the time to create storyboards in pre-production can focus your project’s vision and save you time on set. Here are a few approaches for storyboarding success.When well crafted, storyboards provide a guide map for your shooting and keep everyone on-set clued into the shot objectives.  Storyboards aren’t just for feature film productions. Create a board for your music video, television commercial or short film. They can also be useful for paid client and corporate work, ensuring that your client’s vision is carried out on-set. The following 3 entertaining videos give insight into creating storyboards and answer common questions on the storyboarding process:When do you create storyboards in the production process?Help, I can’t draw? How can I create a storyboard?What’s the proper formatting for camera movement?Do I need to know my shooting locations before I start boarding?How do I find a storyboard artist?Do you have your own storyboarding tips?Share them in the comments below!Storyboarding! by Film RiotStoryboarding For People Who Can’t Draw by Indy MogulHow to Create a Storyboard for Your Video Shoot by ReelSEOlast_img

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