30 Dec

Trail Mix – April 2019

first_imgStay tuned to the Trail Mix blog, as chats with Tim Baker, formerly of Hey Rosetta!, Queen Bee & The Honey Lovers, and Heron are all on tap. Whether it was penning one of the finest love songs ever to grace my ears in “Magnolia Wind,” singing about the wonder home grown tomatoes, or trusting in your cape, Guy Clark knew his way around a guitar and a song. The iconic songwriter, who died two years ago next month, has long been revered amongst fans of country and folk music. Audio PlayerCave TwinsBuddy I’ll Be ThereUse Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.00:000:00 / 3:24 3:02 Brand new artists Daniel Norgren, Megg Farrell, Greg Holden, Taylor Alexander, Driftwood, Mekons, Adam Carroll, and Gold Light + Snakemusk round out this month’s mix. Just Like A Songbird That Has Fallen Luther Dickinson Embed 0:49 Late last month, another legend, the one and only Steve Earle, released Guy, a collection of sixteen songs written by Guy Clark. Joining Earle on this tribute to Clark are fellow country stalwarts Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, and Jerry Jeff Walker, among others. This month, Trail Mix is Earle’s take on the Clark classic “Dublin Blues.” Let Love Run the Game Daniel Norgren Tulsa Queen Megg Farrell & Friends The April mix also features a bunch of returning friends. Check out new tunes from Shovels & Rope, Jimbo Mathus, Will Kimbrough, Luther Dickinson, Head For The Hills, Annabelle’s Curse, Yawpers, and Cave Twins, the newest project from Dave Mayfield. 4:19 4:41 Good Old Fashioned Pain Taylor Alexander 4:03 And, as always, get out there and buy some of this music. These bands are out there trying to make it work. Let’s all do what we can to support them by grabbing some music or a couple concert tickets when they hit a stage near you. These folks would appreciate it. 4:26 4:28 Splashdown Heron You and Me Forever Annabelle’s Curse Buddy I’ll Be There Cave Twins Carry Me Home Shovels & Rope Lay Like You Do Driftwood Lawrence of California Mekons 2:51 Walked In Them Shoes Adam Carroll Alligator Fish Jimbo Mathus 7:46 3:35 3:47 2:55 3:06 3:24 All Hands Tim Baker 3:49 4:38 I’m Not Running Away Will Kimbrough Dublin Blues Steve Earle & The Dukes Say Your Mind Head For The Hills 3:25 5. The Legend Of Zelda Fitzgerald Queen Bee & The Honey Lovers 3:21 Copy and paste this code to your site to embed. 3:34 The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter Gold Light + Snakemusk I’m Not Your Enemy Greg Holden 3:21 “If I can’t dance with you, then I won’t dance at all. I’ll just sit this one out, with my back to the wall.” Child of Mercy The Yawperslast_img read more

18 Dec

Cops: Woman Left ‘Racist’ Message With Amityville Baptist Church

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 66-year-old Farmingdale woman was charged with a hate crime Thursday after the pastor of a Baptist church in Amityville reported receiving a “racist and alarming telephone message,” Suffolk County police said. Elisa Pellino was arrested at her home Thursday and charged with aggravated harassment as a hate crime. Police said the pastor of New Hope Institutional Baptist Church on Harrison Avenue reported receiving the alleged racist message on Wednesday. Hate Crime unit detectives were notified and initiated an investigation, police said. A police spokesman Thursday night said he did not have information regarding the content of the message. Pellino is being held overnight at the Fourth Precinct and will be arraigned Friday at First District Court in Central Islip.last_img read more

17 Dec

Credit union mobile banking: Leading edge or the latest example of marketing myopia?

first_imgWhat Should Come Next for Credit Unions’ Mobile Banking Strategies? CU Solutions Group (CUSG) has hundreds of credit union clients for its web-based and mobile banking solutions. Its most current product, LifeSteps Wallet, will help credit unions with their two most important marketing challenges: how to differentiate mobile banking, and how to focus on the needs of the member versus the credit union’s own products.Let’s just admit it. Most people think banking is boring. It’s a necessity, but it isn’t sexy. Consumers expect the basics, but they’re wowed by features that don’t look like banking. The same is becoming true of mobile banking. Keeping an app pure, secure and uncluttered is a noble goal, but taken to the extreme, all mobile banking apps just look the same.CUSG’s LifeSteps Wallet creates a custom mobile banking app that wraps around the core mobile banking features, those five or six standard functions, but then expands resources into areas of shopping, auto and home ownership/maintenance and financial wellness needs that include identity protection, card protection and financial education.Credit unions should approach mobile banking like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Consumers expect the bare minimum five or six features, but won’t be wowed into doing business with the credit union or bragging about their mobile banking app until the credit union truly helps them reach that next level: P2P (peer-to-peer money transfers), external A2A (account-to-account money transfers) and access to tiles in the app that help research, shop, buy and maintain big purchases, all aided by their credit union products.Reaching for an even higher level in the hierarchy, the integration of voice recognition and AI seem to be the next big thing in remote banking. It may be a long time before even a small number of credit unions can rival the voice recognition/chatbox capability of Bank of America’s Erika product, or American Express’s voice integration with Alexa, but what they can do is innovate in other ways that differentiate them in the market.LifeSteps Wallet is an example of one CUSO (CUSG) investing millions of dollars in a truly different mobile banking strategy that will help credit unions of all sizes stand out from the pack and focus on consumers’ highest-priority mobile buying needs. Credit union financial services can be an important driver for satisfying those needs. But putting the needs of the buyer (members) ahead of the seller (credit unions and their products), will help credit unions grow and prosper in the age of Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Samsung’s Viv. Credit unions will need to do more than just “keep up” with large FI innovation in mobile banking. The basic five or six features in a typical mobile banking app are a must for consumers. However, members may soon be looking for added functionality for big life decisions like home and auto purchase and maintenance, P2P money transfers, external A2A transfers and even voice-activated services.I feel really old now when I think of my first marketing class and that 1960s article on Marketing Myopia by Theodore Levitt. It seemed so cutting edge back in the 80s, but what does it mean some 40 years later?Every credit union executive is surely aware of those concepts that I’ll summarize in an elevator pitch here: Focusing on “customer satisfying” processes vs. products will help keep credit unions from failing like railroads (which failed because they were “railroad oriented instead of transportation oriented; they were product oriented instead of customer oriented.”).Railroads declined not because of cars, trucks, airplanes, and even telephones, but because of their own myopia.Could credit unions and banks fail for the same reasons? If they focus too much on checking accounts, loans, plastic cards, ATMs, and “five-featured” mobile banking, are they at risk of missing key opportunities to help members and customers with their important life decisions more holistically? And if this happens, abruptly or gradually, which fintech companies will step in to fill the void?And even as credit unions scurry to keep up with larger FI innovation on basic features like P2P, alerts and card controls, banking voice technology is becoming more mainstream. Some banks, like Barclays and HSBC, have replaced passwords with voice recognition for identity verification. And a little over a year ago, Wells Fargo announced voice-activated balance checks and funds transfer, as well as plans to offer personal financial advice through a blend of AI and its voice-driven assistant.Try this experiment like I did recently. I went into my credit union mobile banking app and prompted Siri on my iPhone, “pay bills.” The reply came back, “You’ll need an app for me to help you with that. You could try searching the App Store.” And when I clicked on the app store link, up came this visual:My credit union app didn’t recognize my request. Instead, my iPhone sent me to the app store and asked me to download or open either Square’s Cash app, or PayPal’s Venmo. Of course, we now know that one third of all credit union members already have a PayPal account, and something like two thirds of their millennial members already use Venmo.So, are credit unions ready to be revolutionary in their approach to mobile banking by giving members what they are looking for, or will they focus on their existing products and features?Isn’t that what the railroad industry did by being too product centric? And what did Netflix see that the cable companies did not? The list of myopic companies, of course, is endless; many businesses fail to understand the basic marketing principle taught by Levitt almost six decades ago: “Selling focuses on the needs of the seller, marketing, on the needs of the buyer.”The Royal Bank of Canada will soon allow customers to pay bills on their Apple iPhone by simply asking Siri, and USAA and Capital One customers can conduct banking activities with Amazon’s Alexa. It appears that banks are using voice recognition either for identification and security or for customer service. A recent Accenture poll said that 76 percent of bankers believe that AI will soon become the primary point of contact between banks and customers.A recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, published in December of 2017, surveyed financial institutions about their mobile banking and payment practices and plans. This was done in seven federal reserve districts across the country. Some of the findings were not surprising, but others give credit union leaders a potential roadmap for a strong mobile strategy moving forward.Not so surprisingly, mobile banking services are becoming ubiquitous and all financial institutions are now focused on driving usage and ongoing engagement. The challenge, of course, is that it is very difficult to differentiate financial services … even mobile banking. All players seem to want to focus on six (or so) rather boring, or “expected”, features: balances, transfers, history, bill pay, ATM/branch locators, remote deposit capture and mobile enrollment.The challenge here is two-fold. First, if all FIs are doing the same things, how do credit unions stand out and differentiate? Second, in stark contrast to Levitt’s guidance, these same tired features appear to reshuffle the same deck of services rather than evolving to meet the customer’s growing needs. Or at least in the second case, they may not be going far enough to identify and serve those needs.The starkest example of modern-day mobile myopia may be that most credit unions don’t yet have a good P2P solution embedded in their mobile app, at least not one that is widely recognized or already used by members. And PayPal and its Venmo product are meeting those needs outside of the traditional mobile banking experience.Key Findings from 2017 Federal Reserve Research and Next Step Considerations for MobileIn addition to reinforcing the obvious points that all FIs want to offer an affordable and high-quality mobile banking experience, and that most consumers now expect that from their FI, the Fed report also suggests:Standardization makes mobile banking another commodity: FIs have standardized their mobile banking around five or six features: balances, transfers, history, bill pay, ATM/office locators, remote deposit capture and mobile enrollment.Features coming soon: Most progressive FIs are working on P2P, external A2A (account-to-account) transfers, alerts, card controls, member education and security features. There is a growing realization that the mobile app should educate and inform as well as enable transactions.Partnering for mobile payments: Financial Institutions remain interested in pursuing mobile payments through partnerships, and more than half are considering NFC contactless solutions as one of their wallets. However, this strategy remains elusive and uncertain as Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and large retailers appear best positioned to capture payment transactions through their own apps. An “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” approach seems most in vogue now, and member education should be the focus.Security and education go together: For consumers not yet using mobile banking, security concerns are the main impediment. This is driving FIs to realize the importance of consumer education regarding security, as well as implementing alerts, biometric authentication, voice recognition, tokenization and card control features.It’s not easy being small: No huge surprise here for credit unions … smaller FIs find it difficult to afford the enabling technologies that help meet consumer needs. Credit union collaboration and partnering are more critical than ever.Payment speed matters: As Zelle attempts to kill Venmo, real-time money transfers will become the norm and the expectation of consumers.Comprehensive mobile strategies: No credit union or bank, regardless of size, can afford to be without a comprehensive mobile banking and payments strategy. Offering these services is no longer an option. The focus is now on usage/engagement and education. Solutions for small businesses are growing in importance as well. And all FIs should want to differentiate by adding more robust service features to their mobile app. In fact, lest we want to play “catch up,” this may be the time to look at AI and voice recognition integrated within the mobile banking app.Marketing and education intersect: If you build it, they won’t necessarily come. Marketing and education messaging must overcome consumer misperceptions about security, data breaches, identity protection and the biggest one: that my bank or credit union lacks the sophistication to help me with my life’s big decisions.– 2017 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Study– 2017 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston StudyFuture Mobile Banking Enhancements by Financial Institutions 21SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Dave Adams Dave Adams is  President / Chief Executive Officer of CU Solutions Group. The  CUSG office is located in Livonia, Michigan.Mr. Adams joined the Michigan Credit Union League in August of … Web: www.CUSolutionsGroup.com Detailslast_img read more

8 Dec

$8 million capital project approved for Hancock CSD

first_imgThe funding will go toward improving safety, infrastructure, food service, technology and maintenance at the elementary, middle and high schools as well as the district’s bus garage. VILLAGE OF HANCOCK, N.Y. (WBNG) — An $8 million capital improvement project has been approved for schools in the village of Hancock district. Renovations for the schools is expected is begin in late spring or summer 2021. The Hancock Central School District announced Thursday that residents in the village voted to approve the project by a margin of 104 “yes” votes and 31 “no” votes.center_img “Over the past 17 years, this is the third capital project local residents have supported, totaling nearly $25 million dollars in construction renovations and enhancements,” Doughherty said. “We are sincerely humbled and grateful for the trust we have earned.” Hancock Superintendent of Schools Terry Dougherty says the district “deeply appreciates” the community’s support of the project.last_img read more

8 Dec

Broome County Health Department assists with Binghamton University move-in day

first_imgRebecca Kaufman, Director of the Broome County Health Department, says the department has been ramping up their contact tracing team for months now. When being tested, students will put their Binghamton address on their paperwork. The department says if a student decides to isolate at home, it’s easy for the department to transfer that case back to the students’ home county. When the results come in, the health department will be notified within one to two days. “We’re not changing how we do contact tracing when the university is in session,” Kaufman said. “We will still follow the same protocol and use the same team we’ve been using.” center_img VESTAL (WBNG) — With students moving in, the Broome County Health Department says they’ve been in constant contact with Binghamton University. A representative of the Broome County Office of Emergency Services will be on campus all week assisting the BU Operations Center. The department and university are working on ways to reduce the number of people on campus for in-person events.last_img read more

22 Sep

EPL: Gunners target Newcastle scalp

first_imgRelatedPosts EPL: Newcastle set to extend winning streak EPL: Gunners survive West Ham scare EPL: Gunners gun for West Ham scalp Arsenal vs. Newcastle Venue: Emirates Stadium Kick off: 3PMArsenal play host to Newcastle United this afternoon with the two clubs locked on the same points in the Premier League table. Despite sitting in 11th and 12th positions respectively, the Gunners and the Magpies have put together lengthy unbeaten runs in 2020. Having lost just one of his opening nine matches as Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta is well on his way to winning around the club’s supporters at a time when the Gunners are striving to make headway up the standings. However, the Spaniard will be aware that the optimism at the Emirates Stadium will soon disappear if his side do not start to convert draws into victories in the very near future. As it stands, there is an acceptance that the former midfielder requires time to stamp his authority on a squad which have under-performed for a number of years, and confidence will be taken from how the North Londoners were able to twice come from behind with 10 men to earn a draw at Chelsea towards the end of last month. Nevertheless, dropping points at Crystal Palace and Burnley, as well as squandering a lead against Sheffield United, means that Arteta cannot afford to sit too comfortably in the Emirates dugout just yet. With three points being regarded as a necessity this afternoon, Arteta knows that he must find a way to improve his misfiring attack, one which has scored just 13 goals in 12 matches. Having remained as an unused substitute in the goalless draw with Burnley, Nicolas Pepe will be hoping for a recall as he bids to improve on his three goals and three assists in the Premier League this season. There is also an argument for Eddie Nketiah to be provided with an opportunity down the middle, with Alexandre Lacazette having failed to score in his last eight starts. At the other end of the pitch, Shkodran Mustafi received widespread praise for helping Arsenal to a clean sheet at Turf Moor, although the German knows he must prove himself at the Emirates Stadium to win over a fanbase which have become accustomed to feeling nervous by his presence at the back. Steve Bruce has had to work hard in order to gain the support of a similarly demanding group of supporters, a target he is on his way to achieving with an eight-match unbeaten streak in all competitions. The Magpies manager has spoken of placing a prolonged run in the FA Cup as one of his main ambitions for the rest of the campaign, a declaration which would have been warmly greeted by the St James’ Park faithful. That said, while Newcastle are only six points adrift of the Premier League’s top six, there cannot be any complacency with the North-East outfit still just seven points above the relegation zone. Bruce will feel that three more wins should achieve their minimum target for the campaign, but he will want more with his squad having shown against the top teams in the division that they are capable of being a long-term fixture in the top 10. With a favourable schedule to come, that is still a possibility for this season, although Bruce may need some luck with injuries for that objective to feel realistic. Despite the injuries to Andy Carroll and Dwight Gayle, Bruce will hope that Joelinton is now ready to fill the void having shown confidence when netting against Oxford United in the FA Cup for just his third goal of the season. The Brazilian’s poor form in front of goal has contributed to Newcastle possessing the joint-worst attack in the Premier League, and Bruce may be prepared to throw more caution to the wind in order to improve that statistic. However, having found a successful formula against the better sides this season, a balance will have to be found in order to overcome opponents who will also view this contest as a chance to make headway up the table. Arsenal possible XI: Leno, Bellerin, Mustafi, Luiz, Kolasinac, Torreira, Xhaka, Pepe, Ozil, Martinelli, Aubameyang. Newcastle United possible XI: Dubravka, Lazaro, Fernandes, Lascelles, Clark, Rose, Almiron, Hayden, Bentaleb, Saint-Maximin, Joelinton.Tags: Arsenal FCMikel ArtetaNewcastle Unitedlast_img read more

20 Sep

Quins boosted for Leinster clash

first_imgHarlequins and Leinster will renew their European rivalry on Sunday – five years after the ‘Bloodgate’ scandal that rocked rugby. On that occasion – a gripping quarter-final won 6-5 by Leinster – Quins faked a blood injury to wing Tom Williams in an attempt to get goalkicker Nick Evans back on the pitch, despite Evans carrying an injury. But the fall-out for Quins was significant as then rugby director Dean Richards subsequently landed a three-year worldwide coaching ban and the club received a £260,000 fine, plus the prospect of rebuilding a battered reputation. That damaging episode is now firmly in the past, though, and victory for Quins at the Twickenham Stoop this weekend would see them lead Pool Two heading into next weekend’s return fixture against Leinster in Dublin. Quins are boosted by returning England men Chris Robshaw, Joe Marler, Mike Brown and Marland Yarde, and rugby director Conor O’Shea said: “It has been a tough month for those guys, but there are some games that not even I could rest them for. “If I told them to sit this one out, they might shoot me. “It’s exciting. This is the first time since we played Wasps in the Champions Cup in October that we’ve had our full squad, so we have to hit the ground running quickly.” Wasps, courtesy of successive defeats in October against Leinster and Quins, will see their hopes effectively extinguished if they come unstuck against Castres at Stade Pierre Antoine on Sunday. England forwards James Haskell and Matt Mullan both return from international duty, with Haskell captaining a team that also sees starts for the likes of Bradley Davies, Ashley Johnson and Nathan Hughes. “This is a huge game for us,” Wasps rugby director Dai Young said. “An away win would put us right back on track in Europe with everything still to play for, so there is no shortage of motivation in the squad to put in a winning performance.” Leicester’s hopes of progressing from Pool Three will nosedive if they fail to beat reigning European champions Toulon at Welford Road on Sunday. After losing to the Scarlets last time out in Europe, Tigers must make home advantage count against a side minus international stars Leigh Halfpenny and Matt Giteau, but one that still includes the likes of former Leicester prop Martin Castrogiovanni, wing Bryan Habana, lock Bakkies Botha and flanker Steffon Armitage. Toulon are chasing a 10th successive victory in European competition – a feat only previously accomplished by Leicester, Leinster, Toulouse and Munster – which merely underlines the magnitude of Tigers’ task. Glasgow, the current Pool Four leaders, can take a giant stride towards securing quarter-final status if they topple four-time European champions Toulouse on Sunday. It represents a tall order at Stade Ernest Wallon, and the visitors’ defence is certain to be tested, but Glasgow claimed a famous 33-26 victory on Toulouse soil five years ago, while they began the current campaign with impressive wins against Bath and Montpellier. “Every game has its own story, and it will be fascinating to see how this encounter will unfold,” Glasgow boss Gregor Townsend said. “Any successful defensive performance is as much about the collective attitude and desire of the players to make tackle after tackle than it is about the necessary technical or tactical requirements. “Our players enjoy this part of the game, and we expect to see them deliver a Test match-level defensive performance on Sunday.” Press Associationlast_img read more

19 Sep

Jeremy Garrett ready for his Big chance at Sporting Lisbon

first_imgAT the age of 16, footballer Jeremy Garrett has been given an opportunity that most Guyanese athletes go their entire lives without seeing.The Guyana National football player will shortly be travelling to Portugal for a tryout at the number one football academy in the world at Sporting Lisbon.“Initially I wasn’t even thinking about an academy” said Jeremy while talking to Chronicle Sport. According to the Phenom, he was just focused on going to college in the United States and trying to attain a scholarship.“I was thinking about getting a scholarship to go to college in the States because I have some friends there who told me some things that were very encouraging,” he added.However, that is not what God had in store for Garrett, who is a firm believer in God. His first brush with destiny came during a community game at the Fruta Conquerors ground where he was spotted by Canadian Hall of Fame inductee Alex Bunbury,who offered him that golden opportunity.“I was playing a community game and he came up to me at half time and told me he liked how I was playing and I had a lot of skill… he asked me my age and when I said I was 16 he was like woah, I’ll make something happen for you,” stated Garrett.After that game, there were to be more games that Jeremy would have his skills admired;and it wasn’t long before it was confirmed to him that he will be given the opportunity to try out for Sporting Lisbon.According to Garrett,he had always had a plan he would follow. A plan which included writing 8 subjects at CSEC and passing all (which he did), playing for the senior national team (which he also did) and of course winning the Digicel Schools’ Football Championship- something he did in fine style for his team at the National Stadium earlier this year.“I believe good things happen to those who wait, but I didn’t know this would happen after I decided to wait to apply to college next year,” said Garrett.He credits the support of his family and the system at the Fruta Conquerors club for where he is today. “My family is very supportive and at Fruta Conquerors I’ve been playing since I was 6 and I believe they have one of the best junior programs in the country.”While he awaits his departure to Potugal,Jeremy is training twice a day and hitting the gym in order to be in top shape. He has his eyes set on succeeding at the tryout but is also prepared for any eventually.“Whether or not I make it I’ll have learned new things and given knowledge for the betterment of myself and team. But I definitely want to make it because it will create opportunities for other young Guyanese who could look up and say if Jeremy Garrett did it, I definitely can,” he quipped.He travels this week with enormous pressure on his shoulders, but with an entire football community praying for his success, coupled with his faith in God and obvious skill and love for the game, Garrett can seize the opportunity of his young life.last_img read more

17 Sep

Boys golf Lakers build four-match win streak

first_imgThat win Aug. 26 over Skaneateles began a hot stretch for the Cazenovia boys golf team, which carried that momentum over to the first week of school.Making it two wins in a row Aug. 30 at Beaver Meadows, where the Lakers rolled to a 230-326 decision over the Phoenix Firebirds as Alex Moesch once again led the way, shooting a nine-hole total of 41.Will Fitzgerald, recording a 44, was next on the Cazenovia slate, with Jack Byrnes adding a 47. Cody Dickinson and Ben Orbach each shot 49 and Chris Kelly finished with a 57. After some rough opening matches, the Chittenango boys golf team broke through with its first match victory of 2019 on Aug. 29, when it went to Beaver Meadows and defeated Phoenix 265-311.Tyrus Kelley’s 42 for nine holes was two shots better than the Firebirds’ Dom Neiss. And the supporting cast helped as Seth Boutler had a 53, just ahead of Brendan Fraser (54) and Tanner Smith (55), with Maddox Garvey adding a 61.A day later, the Bears lost to Mexico 215-254. Playing at Emerald Crest, Kelly managed a 44, while Fraser improved to a 48, but no other Chittenango golfer broke 50.Chittenango’s September slate commenced last Tuesday with a 220-251 defeat to Westhill. At Camillus Hills, Kelly had a 44, with Smith getting a 50 ahead of  Fraser (51), Smith and Boutler (53 each). Anthony Maglisco (40) and Aidan Ryan (41) led Westhill.In a Thursday rematch with Phoenix at Rogues Roost, Chittenango won again, 239-282, over the Firebirds, Kelly’s 38 boosted by a 41 from Evan Smith. Fraser and Tanner Smith each shot 48 as Boulter posted a 51 and Garvey shot 56.Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInRedditComment on this Story Tags: CazenoviaChittenangoGolfcenter_img Back in action last Wednesday afternoon, Cazenovia went to Orchard Valley and pulled away to beat LaFayette 218-260. Moesch, with a 40, led a more consistent effort, Fitzgerald earning a 44 as Dickinson and Orbach again tied, this time with 45, with Byrnes shooting 49.The win streak continued Friday at Cazenovia Country Club, with the host Lakers pulling away from Tully 217-257 as it produced five of the best six individual totals.Moesch again had individual honors with a 40, beating out Fitzgerald, who had a 42. Dickinson’s 44 tied the Black Knights’ Ryan Shute for third place, and Byrnes chimed in with a 45 as Orbach added a 46.last_img read more

16 Sep

UVA center Jackson Matteo develops as starter after dropping walk-on title

first_img Published on October 14, 2015 at 11:17 pm Contact Liam: lpsull01@syr.edu Virginia huddled around its starting center, Jackson Matteo, looking for words of encouragement. The Cavaliers found themselves in a 17-0 hole against Boise State Sept. 25 and 7:53 remained in the first quarter.“(Matteo) was the first person to get the team together and say, ‘Hey, we got to be better right now, do it for the man next to you,’” UVA wide receiver Ryan Santoro said. “That’s a testament to the way he’s stepped up.”Matteo has become a leader on the offensive line this season for Virginia (1-4, 0-1 Atlantic Coast) after an offseason transformation from the player he once was. After maturing and prioritizing his fitness, Matteo has left the recruited walk-on label he once carried far in the past and carved out a role as a regular starter for UVA.“It means the world to me (to be contributing this season),” Matteo said. “I’ve always been happy to do whatever was asked of me, but it’s good to be taking on a role on the field with everything else.”Out of high school, Matteo accepted a scholarship to play football at Temple from a host of other offers. But as signing day approached, he decommitted and took an opportunity to join Virginia as a recruited walk-on.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textThe center came out of spring practice in 2013 as a redshirt freshman listed as the No. 1 center on the depth chart. Then-offensive line coach Scott Wachenheim was so impressed with his play through that offseason that he was awarded a scholarship.A lack of what Matteo termed “maturity” and a bevy of more experienced linemen, each of whom understood the offense, better plagued his chances to hold onto the starting spot. After playing tackle in high school, he needed time to adjust to playing center — the lineman position which mentally requires more than any other.One start aside, Matteo found himself seeing mostly reps with the special teams unit in the 2013 season.“I was focused on me,” Matteo said. “… I didn’t do the things I needed to do in order to play regularly.”The 2014 season looked more promising, Matteo said, with a year of the Cavaliers offense under his belt. He started once at center and once at left tackle, through the team’s first five games.But in the fourth quarter of the sixth game against Kent State, Matteo felt a pop in his foot on an otherwise normal play. He finished the game, but postgame x-rays showed he had broken the fifth metatarsal in his left foot.“You never want to sit out and watch your guys go out there without you,” Matteo said. “… But it motivated me going into this season.”The injury motivated Matteo to make drastic changes to jumpstart his offseason workouts and bolster his fitness. He didn’t have to look far for how to do it as his roommate and star wide receiver Canaan Severin had dropped 20 pounds the past summer.The pair ate chicken, spinach and rice for dinner every night and cut out all fatty foods. Santoro, who also lives with Matteo, said that it led to the center shedding four percent of his body fat.“Matteo dropped a tremendous amount of body fat,” said head coach Mike London. “He’s got a great mindset, so he takes this thing seriously and it’s paid off for him in his ability to perform.”Matteo said that in order to play like a leader, he needed to act like one in the offseason and he would often help the captains lead offseason workouts.Upon returning home some nights during the summer, Santoro would find an empty house upward of five hours after conditioning sessions had ended. Matteo, along with Severin and the fourth roommate, starting quarterback Matt Johns, would still be at the team’s facility watching film.The newfound leadership has come with playing consistently, but started with the attitude accompanying the offseason work.“He’s the kind of dude who doesn’t like to get beat,” Santoro said. “It’s obviously tough for him to be on the sideline not playing all that time, but he had plenty of time to think of how to get on the field.“Jackson just went out and made it happen finally.” Comments Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more