14 May

Zidane: “I don’t watch Bale leave now”

first_imgHow much does that 7-3 have to do with the current situation of the teams? “Neither of us. The preseason game was like that and we don’t watch this one or the Super Cup game. It’s another completely different game. We’re going to have a complicated game and we hope to see a good game. You don’t have to compare anything from one game to other”.Do you have an explanation as to why since October Madrid has not lost? What made them react? “There are many things. There are many ingredients, but what I emphasize is the work and the confidence of what we are doing, believing in what we are doing. The word is the work. Tomorrow is another game and we will have to prove again What we’re doing”.He says they are all prepared. Hazard too ?: “We will see. He is training little by little with us. The possibilities are very wide. The good thing is that everyone wants to be. Anyway we will never risk.”In England they have published that Tottenham can be done today with Bale. Would it be a low blow for you for Bale to leave now? “Bale is with us and I will count on him. I don’t contemplate this possibility. “Why not give in to Brahim or Mariano: “You don’t have to ask me. They have a contract and I have the players who are here. You have to ask someone else.”Does Bale deserve to play the derby ?: “We are all here to play tomorrow and they have to be prepared.”Criticisms of Cholo: “I don’t understand them but this is not up to us. I know what Simeone is as a coach. He is one of the best. I recently said that Guardiola was the best and Simeone is one of the best. It doesn’t change what I think of him.”Chip change in the field: “What we do in the end is to work very well. I have a very good squad and what we do is show it in the field. Knowing that there are moments in a season as we have had and we will have more very complicated and difficult matches. Knowing that in a match the most important thing first is to defend our goal well and then we have quality to do good things by attacking, but it must be demonstrated every two or three days, that is the complicated thing. “Mendy: “His integration has been very good. He is a person who wants to learn and improve, in a context that he did not know. He is a very competitive player who likes duels and is very competitively hungry and wants to show that the club’s decision it can be good. On a personal level you have to keep improving with Spanish. “They don’t win Atlético in Liga since 2012: “Every game we try to win. That we have not won since 2012 are circumstances that happen. Yes we have won at home for example, like everything in football there are many circumstances in a game. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to change the dynamics and continue With the things we are doing well lately, it will be very complicated obviously and I think it will be a great game in any case. What we want is to see a great game, because the game is what matters most. “ Zinedine Zidane appeared in the press conference prior to the Madrid derby against Atlético de Madrid. The Frenchman, who saw how his team clearly surpassed Zaragoza in Copa del Rey, analyzed the white news before one of the games of the year (Saturday, 4:00 pm) against the rojiblanco team, which already beat several Super Cups weeks ago. This Friday, closing day of the winter window of signings, the name of Bale took center stage. The Times published that Tottenham squeezes to sign him but Zidane said he does not contemplate the possibility of leaving …Do you think that in the derby the stand must be one more player? “As always. It is special because it is a derby but our fans and we like to play at the Bernabéu. And they always try to support us, in all the matches. What we want is our fans behind us and that is what will happen “. Does having to leave someone who is looking like Vinicius, Lucas or Rodrygo to put Bale know bad ?: “We are 25 players and they are all very well. Then, I have to choose. I think that the good thing about our squad is this, that they are all involved, when it is their turn to play a game, they try to do it well and give everything and that for me is the most important thing, then, when you have 25 players and you have to make a list of 18, someone is going to be left out, and that is the complication for a coach and that is not going to change. The only thing is that the players are all focused and prepared. “Is Bale to play tomorrow? Can the fact that I play bother any teammate? “I am not going to tell you who is going to play tomorrow. The players have to be prepared. And everyone is ready. Then, after training, we will see the call.”Is it hard to leave out players who are giving up? Is it the hardest? “It’s the most complicated thing for me to leave players at home because they train all week and what they want is to play and that’s the complication. That’s why I say they are all important and what they have to do is be prepared. It’s a bit complicated. for a coach to have a player off the list, but there are many games and the good thing is that the players know it and I will count on everyone. “Is this Real Madrid of this stage better than that of the previous stage? “I don’t know, I live too. When I played, they asked me if mine was better than another. You can say one thing and another. The important thing is that here Madrid has always had the best players. Each stage is different . I do not know”.last_img read more

28 Aug

Dont Toss That Busted Toy Just Yet—Grab a Multimeter

first_imgThe first time I used a multimeter was in my younger years. I was really into remote-controlled cars—but you couldn’t just buy one and start driving. You had to buy a kit and a controller separately and put the whole thing together. My car was powered by a battery and an electric motor instead of the more complicated gas-powered ones. So whenever things weren’t working, I had to figure out how to use a multimeter to measure the voltage at different points in the car.Of course there are many other times the multimeter came in handy, but let’s just say that it’s a great tool. We also use the multimeter in introductory physics labs. Many students have zero experience with these devices, but that’s OK. I’m going to give you (and them) a super basic introduction to measuring electric current and the electric potential difference (usually called “voltage”).Let’s start with the simplest circuit. A battery, two wires, and a light bulb.Rhett AllainThis is pretty straightforward. Electric current comes out of the positive end of the battery (OK, actually it comes out of the negative end) and goes through the bulb and then back to the battery. That’s your electric circuit. Simple.But now we want to measure the electric current. How do we do that? That’s where the multimeter comes in. It’s “multi” because it does multiple things. It can measure both the current and the voltage. Many multimeters can do even more than that—measuring resistance, capacitance, and other stuff. But let’s get to it. The key to measuring electric current is that the multimeter has to be in the path of the current. You actually have to take apart your circuit and insert the multimeter in the path.You also need to be sure you use the correct settings and the correct plugs. Most multimeters will have a switch to put it in “ammeter” mode and special plugs to measure the electric current. Here, check out this extremely old analog meter (which is awesome) next to a modern digital multimeter.Rhett AllainNotice that both of these use the same plugs for voltage and current, but you still need to have the setting on something that reads a current. For the old meter on the left, I have it set to a maximum current of 750 milliamps and the digital is at a max current of 200 mAmp.Now let’s add this to the battery-bulb circuit. Here’s what that looks like.Rhett AllainLet’s follow the wiring to make sure we know what’s going on. Oh, a quick warning. This is an older analog meter. It only measures the electric current in one direction. If you hook it up the wrong way, the needle will get “pegged” at the zero mark—that’s not useful and it could possibly bend the needle. Just be careful.If you start from the positive end of the battery, the wire goes to the light bulb and then out of the light bulb. Next, it goes to the positive terminal of the multimeter and then the negative terminal goes to the negative end of the battery. Just like a plain battery and bulb circuit, this makes a complete loop. You could just consider the ammeter as a wire that connects the bulb to the battery. It’s a wire that also measures current.Fine. Then how do you measure voltage? You have to hook up the multimeter in a different way to measure voltage. Here is something to remember: You measure the voltage across something—you measure the current through something. So, to measure voltage you need to put the two probes from the multimeter on the two sides of the thing you want to measure. Let’s measure the voltage across the bulb. I’ll put the circuit back the way it was (before measuring the current) and then touch one probe to each side of the bulb. Here’s what it looks like.Rhett AllainIf you follow the wires for this setup, you can see that the original circuit is still there. The wires from the multimeter don’t have to break up the circuit but are instead just touching the two ends of the bulb. Oh, be sure to switch the multimeter settings to read voltage instead of current.It’s important to realize that the voltage reading and the current reading are hooked up in different ways. In fact, this is the No. 1 mistake that students make when using this instrument. Here’s what happens. They want to measure the current, so they have all the settings and plugs on the multimeter set up for current. Then they touch one wire from the multimeter to one side of the bulb and the other wire to the other side (the way you would use it to measure voltage). Blam-o. You just blew a fuse. Why? With the multimeter set up across the bulb, you have put the meter in parallel with the bulb. Since the ammeter setting has low resistance you get a BUNCH of electric current going through the meter. You are essentially measuring the electric current through a wire with nothing in it. Of course the meter can only handle so much current, so you blow a fuse.Now the meter doesn’t work. You need to replace the fuse. At least you didn’t mess up the whole multimeter—that would be bad.More Great WIRED StoriesA scary map shows how climate change will alter citiesStrava has a new way to build routes with a finger swipeWhat happens if Russia cuts itself off from the internetRide with the guy who builds roller coasters in his yardCaptain Marvel has the best movie site since Space Jam👀 Looking for the latest gadgets? Check out our latest buying guides and best deals all year round📩 Want more? Sign up for our daily newsletter and never miss our latest and greatest storieslast_img read more