The secret sharing website keyword mining

: then the degree of difficulty of keywords: in the choice of words, not necessarily the most popular word in it, don’t think such words have effect, it has two shortcomings, first, these words search volume is quite large, if you want to do it, is very difficult. But do not have real effect; second: if you want to use this word to do it, you have to spend a lot of time and manpower for a small business or personally, is not a wise choice, so choose the word. There must be search volume, but not too large, for their own the best read more

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What is the high quality Links standard

each other, pornographic or PW gaming website, for this type of website, even if the PR value, high flow again, also cannot exchange (only limited to regular website, if your site is, porn or gaming servers, it does not matter), because this kind of the web search engine has been blacklisted, this kind of Links without any help for our ascension website weight (also cannot exchange website to view the blog of Ma Haixiang "related to introduce those cases not exchanging" the Links).

?According to Ma Haixiang read more

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How effective to love Shanghai submit site map Sitemap

here hope that more love Shanghai as soon as possible the release site map submitted by channel. Here to mention that the major search engines have quite a lot of learning and learning, especially the learning of more noble love Shanghai baby. So we as much as possible to submit a site map to the major search engines, whether you are doing Chinese or English. So to submit a site map but there is still a lot of tips and correct method. "How to search engine submission site map Sitemap" Wuxi cocoa Shanghai dragon in the next few days will be detailed to discuss and share the problem. read more

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2015 new user experience optimization method


user experience really.

this is a time when we change the angle to think, if we are user, search the keywords, want to see what is the content, and the corresponding content, so we can only use this page to load the keywords. This is better than home absolutely okay. This is just a simple talk about the user experience from the user’s point of view, the above said a bit of a mess, do not know if you have not understand, do not understand, how to look at, all of what I said.

ranking case read more

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n recent years the Shanghai dragon optimization let me relieved a lot also calm a lot

second, from 2010 to 2013 in Shanghai Longfeng road is my most bitter time. After about the basic knowledge, not satisfied with some simple writing articles published outside the chain, but will focus on the focus on learning how to write articles about Shanghai Longfeng, first think of A5 soft saw A5 submission, a large number of soft Wen contribute, I too eager, so a lot every day in these Webmaster Platform learn other people’s soft, slowly summed up soft writing characteristics, try to write some high quality soft Wen, after the third time I was in their own contributions to the understanding of Shanghai dragon on a corporate website, did not expect to be included in A5, oh, that don’t look happy how happy, now of course in the A5 submission because experience, almost entirely by this time, I Shanghai Longfeng experience in the continuous accumulation, of course From the original website editor, I gradually mastered the open source cms, learning some simple HTML code, when I know more of Shanghai dragon, the work will be more easily at this time, I have been unable to meet the first Commissioner of Shanghai Longfeng, and I want to quit but I take charge as chief of. Editor, looking for a new platform to maximize the ability of the next Shanghai dragon is now the company, this company I’m working is four years, after finding the job, I was not the chain Commissioner silly, just enter the company director let me use the CMS site, then a lot of open source system I am good at, or dedecms, but not in charge of deep throat CMS let me use this program, this program has stopped updating now, because the foundation has a Dede, the open source The program combined with the document is also very easy to get started, second days notice by the competent retained, this time I must have courage, by Shanghai dragon for the interests of enterprises, to the boss is the self. read more

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How to choose the target keywords

know what is the target keywords and keyword density, then we will eventually want how to choose the target keywords.

keyword density?The

what is the


above is simple on the target keyword definitions, and for the target keywords, we have to mention the keyword density.

we should be in the choice of target keywords: friends, know, reasonable.


: the selected target keywords: selected target keywords >

keyword density is where the proportion of the page text or the frequency. The low frequency of the search engine is not easy to determine what is the keyword page, and if the frequency is too high, for the search engines, is likely to be judged as keyword stuffing. So, we will set the keyword density is about 2%-6% is the most moderate. read more

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Website optimization is constantly improving the website ranking

, we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is not to let the website ranking continue to achieve promotion, should we regardless of the rankings, where his time playing with the consumption of? Of course the author put forward the question of nature, nature has a certain meaning. Indeed, Shanghai dragon website optimization, website ranking is to be rising, but if you do not pay attention to the methods and steps, then we will find that although the ranking, but does not allow the site to generate profits, this is clearly not in line with our established expectations. read more

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The Shanghai dragon network click evoked ranking


2. of the second factors, we talk about the site of title, yes, title is currently holds the highest weight label, when your title contains your keywords, website users click in the search time, the weight of search engine will give the site title, then your title in turn >

want to do this, it must meet the following several important factors

3.1000+ network

may have a long-term operation of the website friends already know, the website title is the highest weight in the eyes of search engines, keywords and description has been basically not what weight, then your website title must contain the keyword of the website, which is beneficial to the ranking and relevance of the site, of course, in our contacts click evoked ranking in title, will play a role of absolute, then look at the following. read more

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The method of search and exchange Links

Links, also known as web site exchange links, links and link exchange, affiliate links, is a simple form of cooperation between complementary certain advantages in resources website. Then today Borner marketing team is aiming at the problem of how to exchange Links "this topic to share some of the methods.

two, the exchange Links


4 site Links

1, target keywords search for

to the marketing team to find Links Borner, exchange of experience can be summed up in the following several ways: read more

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Three error analysis data to make the website of Shanghai Dragon

do not know if you have not felt, the domestic Shanghai dragon industry has been a very good development in 2012 this year, Shanghai made love the renewal of the algorithm, established Shanghai love Webmaster Platform, improve the quality of search results. May be some friends will say: 2012 is Shanghai dragon workers tragedy of the year, because of the love of Shanghai made a lot of adjustment in this year, since there are a lot of website is love Shanghai punishment. Here we want to make clear two points: read more

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The use of their products to win customers love Shanghai know skills

for example, you can use love Shanghai, Google search and other search engines allow users to search for a word, such as "Beijing Tian’an Hospital of Chinese Medicine", the formation of indirect flow, direct the formation of the brand, and clever answers, of course there are problems in the title of the best long tail keywords, will help you to complete the conversion of many customers, but the brand formed slowly.

can be related to the name of your company or brand in question, let us doubt, then go to the nature of the search for your company or brand, thus forming a certain number of visitors, but let your son, may in the search industry, shows in a better position, while Shanghai will give a better love weight. read more

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Website promotion foreign chain construction according to the network development to transform opera

with the changing of search engine, we should also turn up the brain. It will pass the same is dead, although the chain construction is just like a marathon as long and hard, but the payoff is infinite. The above is my immature opinion, for reference only. This paper consists of the original in love wit hi.baidu贵族宝贝/qq637liu, A5 Adsense nets start, please indicate the source, thank you A5 webmaster to us to provide a communication platform.

website promotion friends should know that a site in the promotion work, more than sixty percent of the time will be spent in the construction of the chain, because the chain construction site operation so unlike the controllability, so the difficulty and the survival rate of a certain height, so we need to summarize the experience and skills in in the construction of the chain, the rapid implementation of the construction of the chain and stand outside promotion. read more

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Tourism website and promotion channels

the blind Shanghai dragon behavior is not desirable. Gehangrugeshan, real science station, also need to assist industry experience. Otherwise, like a blind man across the river, a little attention one does not say, but also to make their career with the Shanghai dragon a layer of gray shadow.

I enter the tourism industry has been half a year, to survey two words, difficult. This road is full. Every day many new things, do any good can is our place of study. When it comes to tourist sites, have to say is tourism portal, Showtime travel, the way cattle, Ctrip, Lotto, donkey mother, eLong tour pal, and so on large sites, the tourist spots cover them directly, no matter where they can see their shadows. Fortunately, we do not need to compete with their home, just need to take them down a page can. To survive in the middle of this down, also requires a certain courage. read more

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The station of high quality original articles for website optimization

first, the high quality of the original article is the basis for the user experience. Since we is about the search behavior of Shanghai dragon had to analyze user’s general users are not familiar with do not understand things, usually go to our website in search engine search, whether it is in the station of the page or master is around the user’s search behavior in the construction of column hypothesis and the article page, for let users find us in the first time, indeed, the user will be through our station or the long tail word, column page into the site, when users enter the website, the contents of the article is the real help to the user, or some mundane things, a commonplace talk of an old scholar, which directly affects the user trust in our website and first impression. Imagine a website user has no confidence in, or a large number of duplicate articles makes readers lose interest to continue down To understand the interest, this is undoubtedly the website and search engine algorithm against, because one of the most important algorithm of search engine is all based on the user, since the site violates the basic rules of search engine ranking will be stable? Will get good rankings? I remind you carefully to do things carefully, will do better. Users love website is search engine site. read more

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Website promotion optimization how to optimize the picture

images on the web are format, size, specific volume. Often some enterprise website maintenance novice, will put the digital camera photos directly to the network upload, do not know such pictures is processed. As a picture, if we can accurately control the size of the picture, will greatly enhance the efficiency of search engine indexing and classification of website image ranking.

according to the current technological development of the search engine, "if only simple images, search engines can only index to the general web Title and other related information and pictures of the Alt description information. So, if you can put some pictures in the front and rear position for picture text, picture or description information with keyword matching to optimize the picture, web pages can be better in the search engine rankings. read more

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What do you think of how to choose the target keywords keywords


target choice has certain skills, we can use the drop-down box, Shanghai: love love >

general, target keywords will have some obvious characteristics, we can according to relevant features, to select the target keywords:

1. in general, target keywords will as a web page title, combined with his own business name appears. For example, a box of enterprise title: do _ _ insecticide insecticide indoor environmental pesticides _XXX;

what is the target keywords. Target words in general, is our best hope for the user to access the website through search engine keywords by about three. It can be said that the goal of the website is the website keyword name card, we can use these target keywords brings the most users for the site. It is often said that the general key words: website products or services etc.. read more

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Day to earn one hundred yuan scam for your secret Wangzhuan training modeTalking about how grassroot

do what you are good at what they do, they are interested in, if you want to make a practical suggestion of words, don’t be too upset, the best is popular, practical, this way not what risk, we are not investors, not looking for a project, do not need to spend energy, only need to update under the promotion of promotion every day. After determining their fields, update the content is not blindly, on this basis, to strengthen their own slowly, to accomplish something in this area, allow yourself to become more professional, more people trust, establish relationships in this area, this site is mainly playing a long war, slowly settling themselves, persistence is victory! If you can stick with it, may require a long period of time, but the results obtained is relatively large! How do you like the front-end design tutorial site, let oneself learn this knowledge while in side the whole set of resources, improve their own technology, technology of cattle, money is easy while you can earn, the development circle of read more

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Hebei 7 college students dream of doing China’s best shorthandThe biggest problem of network busines

Internet has created a large number of rich people, it is enviable. Others see the Taobao money, want to open a Taobao shop; see others do wholesale money in the Alibaba, they also want to open a Alibaba shops; see others do make money, want to do a website development. However, there are several really successful online business? Sometimes, you do not understand, not you do not have knowledge, nor you do not have the technology, but not you stupid, but you did not solve the "trust" two words. read more

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Liar and brilliant idea the seller must pay attention to ah Activate mail cheat How to make your k

I opened my mailbox, because he said let me take what price baby connection to send her past. Later. Terrible things happen, I opened. Received an email, a pen name is "waiting for your payment interbank payment!

still can not, and later went to the cup site he said registered, and would like to see if there is no such thing, you can transfer, but also send mail! Then I felt a bit strange! I’m always being cheated and a little suspicious!! Call the 95555 China Merchants Bank. It’s 11:30 already. It was difficult for someone to answer the phone! She told me very carefully read more

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To people after 80 entrepreneurs business behind Xu HuanRather than envy others it is better to sta

When the

insight into the offline enterprise "net" eager demand, the Beijing whole network number of business Polytron Technologies Inc hereinafter referred to as: the whole network number business came into being. This is a telecommunications oriented, radio and television operators and enterprises to implement e-commerce solutions to provide a full range of technology oriented companies. The company has successfully landed on the new three board market in December 21, 2012.

network the number of Polytron Technologies Inc formerly Beijing Youlian Huitong Technology Co. Ltd. read more

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