No sidewalk on Holden Avenue

Norfolk will respect a petition that asked to county to drop sidewalks from the rebuild of Holden Avenue in Simcoe.“There will be no sidewalks,” Chris Baird, Norfolk’s general manager of public works, told Norfolk council last week.At the same meeting, Norfolk council approved a tender for the reconstruction of Holden Avenue between West Street and Beckett Boulevard immediately west of Norfolk General Hospital.The low bid in the amount of $1.935 million was filed by Morley’s Contracting of Paris. Counting engineering, materials testing and HST, the total value of the project is $2.12 million.The Holden rebuild was initially scheduled for last spring but was delayed a year due to time running down in the 2018 construction season.The rebuild includes new in-ground services, a new road bed, new curb and gutter, and new blacktop. Work will begin in May and should be finished by the end of October.A total of 42 contractors expressed interest in the project. Nine filed bids. The high bid came in at $2.7 million.Holden Avenue representatives asked council to drop sidewalks from the project last June.“Holden Avenue would be singled out if it had a sidewalk,” spokesperson Bruce Veltri said at the time.“We’re the last street to be done in our neighbourhood and they want us to take the sidewalk. It would give the impression that Holden is a through-way. We feel it could have an effect on property values. We want to remain in synch with the rest of the neighbourhood and remain sidewalk-free.”A vote to cancel the sidewalk last June failed in a 4-4 deadlock.Former Windham Coun. Jim Oliver pointed out that an elderly woman from this neighbourhood was killed by a recycling truck while she was out for a walk on Dora Drive in the winter of 2009. Oliver suggested the fatality may have been averted if there were a sidewalk available to the read more

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Alex Rodriguez Wouldve Made The Hall Of Fame Without Steroids

News broke Wednesday morning that Alex Rodriguez, the New York Yankees third baseman who was suspended by Major League Baseball for the entire 2014 season over allegations of performance-enhancing drug (PED) use, had admitted to federal Drug Enforcement Administration officials that he used the prohibited substances from 2010 through 2012. Rodriguez’s confession came behind closed doors last January, but in public he continued to deny the charges right up until the Miami Herald released its findings in a story Wednesday.The news confirms accusations that Rodriguez had augmented his performance during the 2011 and 2012 MLB seasons, in addition to his previous admission of using PEDs from 2001 to 2003, when he was a member of the Texas Rangers. Given the current climate of baseball’s Hall of Fame voting — neither Barry Bonds nor Roger Clemens has cracked 40 percent of the vote in either of their two years on the ballot — Rodriguez’s latest admission seems like the final nail in the coffin for his Hall of Fame candidacy, assuming it wasn’t already long buried. But it’s also worth remembering that, like Bonds and Clemens before him, Rodriguez was a magnificent player before taking PEDs, and likely could have been a Hall of Famer without them.Not only did Rodriguez rank first on Baseball America’s 1995 Top 100 Prospects list, but after hitting .311 with a .948 OPS and good range at shortstop as an 18-year-old at Triple-A in 1994, he might well have been the greatest prospect in the history of the draft era. And lest the hype seem unjustified, in 1996 — his first full season in the majors — all Rodriguez did was belt an MLB-leading 54 doubles, smack 36 home runs, hit .358 (!!), post a 1.045 OPS (just the second time a shortstop had ever topped a 1.000 OPS, creating a club with the incomparable Arky Vaughan), lead the American League in total bases and finish tied as the fourth-best fielding shortstop in the AL according to TotalZone runs saved.Did I mention he did all that at age 20?Between then and 2001, when Rodriguez was said to have begun using PEDs, he would also do things like hit .300 or better in three out of four seasons, hit 40 or more home runs in three out of four seasons, set the all-time single-season record for Bill James’s Power/Speed statistic in 1998 (when he became the third member of the 40-40 Club with 42 home runs and 46 stolen bases), and become, in 2000, just the 22nd player in baseball history to surpass 10.0 wins above replacement (WAR) in a single season.Rodriguez’s supposed last season before he began using came that year, his last as a member of the Seattle Mariners. Through age 24, only two players in baseball history — Ty Cobb and Mickey Mantle — produced more career WAR than Rodriguez did. Current Los Angeles Angel Mike Trout has A-Rod beat (along with everyone else who ever played the game) on career WAR through age 22, but there’s no question that Rodriguez had the pure talent to rank among the game’s all-time greatest players even before he started using PEDs.James once developed a long-term career forecast model called Brock2 — essentially a very early progenitor of a full-fledged projection system like PECOTA — which could produce an expected career stat line for a player based on his career performance through a given age. Feed it Rodriguez’s age 20-24 seasons, and it produces an absurd set of projected career totals: 3,573 hits; 668 doubles; 1,075 home runs. As mean projections for anybody, those numbers are silly (Trout through age 22 also generates a forecast of 3,646 hits, 740 doubles, and 826 home runs), but they underscore how incredible Rodriguez’s first five full MLB seasons were. (Through 20 seasons, Rodriguez now has 2,939 hits, 519 doubles and 654 home runs.)All of this, it bears mentioning, matters only if you believe Rodriguez began using PEDs in 2001, and didn’t before that. At the time of Rodriguez’s initial suspension in August 2013, Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci wrote a column that included the following quote:“If you believe he started using [PEDs] in 2001, when he said he did, you’re a fool,” a former teammate said. “The likelihood is that he never played a day clean in the major leagues. Why? Insecurity. Alex doesn’t know how good he could be without drugs, and didn’t trust himself to find out.”That remains speculation at this point. But based on what we do know, Rodriguez’s early-career numbers were so great, and his potential so vast, that he had a very high likelihood of making the Hall of Fame before he ostensibly began using performance-enhancing drugs. Wednesday’s revelations only add to the disgrace he’s brought to his legacy since then. read more

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Everyones Just Guessing About Matt Harveys Innings Limit

Mets pitcher Matt Harvey was caught in a tabloid cacophony last week after his agent, Scott Boras, spoke candidly about how many innings Harvey should pitch this season. Harvey, who came back from Tommy John surgery at the beginning of the year, was said to be on a soft limit of about 180 innings,1He’s currently at 166 1/3 innings, giving him about two more starts before he hits the limit. as recommended by his surgeon. The Mets want Harvey to pitch in the postseason, Boras wants Harvey to sit out if it means exceeding 180 innings, and Harvey … Harvey seems to want both things.Boras’s approach seems reasonable: Limiting the innings of a young pitcher who may still be recovering from a serious injury seems like it might be wise. The trouble is that we have no idea whether innings limits work.There’s no question that pitching puts great stress on the arm. Accordingly, some studies of adolescent pitchers have found a link between an athlete’s innings pitched and the probability of future injury. The logic is clear: The more pitches thrown, the more wear and tear on the arm. Based on that, a hard limit on Harvey’s workload appears to be a good idea.But there’s no guarantee that what goes for amateurs also goes for pros. Harvey and all other MLB pitchers are a particularly talented and hardy group of throwers relative to those who play in high school, the minors or even college. It’s plausible that each additional pitch does less damage to them than it would to your local high school pitcher. Supporting this idea, a recent paper analyzing MLB pitchers 25 and younger (Harvey is 26) found no clear link between the number of innings pitched and future injury rates.It’s possible that Harvey represents a special case because of not only his youth, but also his previous bout of elbow trouble. Boras made this argument by presenting a set of four pitchers comparable to Harvey, each of whom came off Tommy John surgery and pitched more than 200 innings in the next year. All four suffered complications.But a sample of four pitchers can hardly provide conclusive evidence, and the Mets’ own preseason study (using comparable players) produced the opposite conclusion. That two studies using similar methods could produce conflicting verdicts underscores the difficulty of predicting pitcher health. As Mets general manager Sandy Alderson put it, “It’s not science.”One of the major problems is that any simple calculation of workload (like IP) is a flawed measure of fatigue and thus injury risk. Not all pitches inflict the same damage upon the arm, and poor mechanics cause injury much more quickly. The future of injury analytics will likely depend on better ways of gauging pitcher health that measure not only the workload but also the technique of the pitcher and how it changes over time. Newer technologies such as motion tracking systems and wearable sensors offer the promise of novel metrics that could be predictive, but most such systems are in preliminary stages of development or are just being deployed. Until those new technologies develop further, the Mets, Boras and Harvey are flying blind. read more

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ABC reveals aged care failure

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram “The complaints I have heard over the years have come from staff working in private facilities who feel overwhelmed due to the small number of staff, which means corners may be cut”.Jenny Mikakos – Shadow Victorian Minister for Seniors and AgeingThe ABC presented a disturbing picture of Australia’s aged care system in turmoil this week, after receiving reports of neglect and abuse in aged care facilities across the country. The program which aired on Tuesday presented allegations of shocking examples of inadequate care which the ABC says is occurring in more than 100 nursing homes. Lateline has undertaken six investigations over the past 12 months, following up claims of patients being bullied by staff, treated with indignity, left to experience unnecessary pain, and even death occurring, because of poor treatment. The ABC was told by one worker in Victoria – who had to look after nearly 40 high care dementia patients – that he knew he was breaking the law by locking patients in their rooms. He said he had no alternative after management had ignored his request for more staff. Staff at a number of residential centres told the ABC that there were often too few employees to ensure dignified and compassionate care and that staff struggle to complete the most basic tasks such as toileting. Lateline were told of shifts where one carer was responsible for 20 to 30 high care residents, meaning many were often left for hours in incontinence pads – risking dangerous infections. Some relatives of people in aged care told the program their loved ones had been left in faeces and urine, treated roughly, inadequately fed, and neglected by untrained staff. While the ABC stressed that most aged care staff were caring, compassionate, empathetic and trying to do the best, Lateline’s report flagged a system in crisis – unable to deliver adequate care to an ever-increasing number of elderly people in need. With dependent seniors often requiring complex medical care in nursing homes, the program said there were less medically qualified staff than ever before, and 70 per cent of carers were low paid and low skilled. Lateline’s journalist Margot O’Neil said that carers were supervised by a dwindling number of registered nurses who can be responsible for more than 100 patients; an almost impossible job made harder by “the mountainous paperwork they’re required to fill out each shift so management can access government subsidies”. Health care academic and GP Joachim Stermburg told the ABC that the way the system operated, meant that ticking boxes on paper was more important than looking after people. He warned that inadequate care could result in seemingly minor ailments which had major implications for patients in overstretched and understaffed nursing homes. While Lateline admitted that it had become a magnet in the past 12 months for complaints about how the aged care system works, the program makers said the evidence it had received from scores of families, nurses, facility managers and former federal health bureaucrats, revealed a pattern of failure fueled by inadequate staff and training.   Victoria’s Shadow Minister for Seniors and Ageing, Jenny Mikakos told Neos Kosmos that she found the ABC’s report “disturbing”, and that it raised concerns over the Victorian government’s push to privatise public aged care facilities. “Every elderly person deserves to be treated with dignity, respect and given quality care,” said Ms Mikakos, adding that she had been impressed with the commitment and professionalism of the many staff she had met in Victoria’s public aged care system. “I would expect that it would be more difficult for these problems to arise in the public system, because they have nurse to resident ratios and use more qualified staff,” she said. “This is why I’m very concerned about the Napthine Government moving to privatise Victoria’s public aged care facilities. “The complaints I have heard over the years have come from staff working in private facilities who feel overwhelmed due to the small number of staff, which means corners may be cut”. Reports of unacceptable care for older Australians should be reported to the Aged Care Complaints Scheme immediately, say aged care providers, who were quick to respond to Lateline’s findings. Professor John Kelly, CEO of Aged and Community Services Australia, the peak body representing mission-based providers, said it was important to highlight problems in the system so they could be dealt with. “It is absolutely our intention to meet community expectations across the whole aged care sector… There are currently about 200,000 residents in Australia’s nursing homes and the vast majority would be receiving very good care,” said Professor Kelly, who defended federal Labor’s recent aged care reforms. “These introduce a strengthened complaints system and increased funding to deliver quality aged care services, including palliative care, and improved wages and training for aged care staff.” Leading Age Services Australia (LASA), which represents both for-profit and not-for-profit aged care providers takes a different view. LASA’s chief executive Patrick Reid said the program revealed what industry has known for some time: that there is a critical workforce shortage, recruitment and retention is difficult, and government funding does not match care needs. In a statement to media Mr Reid said: “There is no time to wait, industry needs support but most of all government can no longer hide behind the Living Longer Living Better reform while their funding falls well short of demonstrated care needs.”last_img read more

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PreRegister for Harry Potter Game Hogwarts Mystery

first_imgStay on target Catholic School Bans ‘Harry Potter’ Books Because SpellsToy Tuesday: The Best Animal Toys The wait is over: Google pre-registration for “Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery” is now open.Fans Witches and wizards can sign up online to be notified receive an owl-delivered letter when the game launches this spring.From Jam City and Portkey Games, “Hogwarts Mystery” takes players into the acclaimed institution to live and learn as a pupil. But don’t expect to see familiar faces among the student body.The story—officially sanctioned by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment—is set prior to The Chosen One’s arrival at Hogwarts. Instead, players can write their own chapters, without being overshadowed by Harry Potter’s fame.You’ll master spells and magical skills (alohomora, lumos, rictusempra), attend classes (Care of Magical Creatures, Transfiguration, Potions) with your favorite professors (McGonagall, Sprout, Flitwick, Snape), and choose your friends and battle your enemies.In the meantime, though, check out the new “Hogwarts Mystery” trailer below for a closer look at the upcoming game, available “soon” on iOS, Android, and Amazon platforms.“We are grateful to the fans who have made ‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’ one of the most anticipated mobile games of 2018,” Jam City CEO Chris DeWolfe said in a statement. “We’re thrilled to… share a sneak peek at how this game will let fans create their own character and enter Hogwarts as a student for the first time.Launched in November, Portkey Games—named for the objects used to transport wizards from place to place—advertised a series of new mobile and console games, featuring modern and returning characters (Dumbledore, Hagrid, Bill Weasley), as well as unexplored locations and story elements.Harry & Co. are a popular backdrop for mobile gaming. Late last year, Niantic announced an AR game set in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.“Harry Potter: Wizard Unite” promises to let players “learn spells, explore their real-world neighborhoods and cities to discover and fight legendary beasts, and team up with others to take down powerful enemies.”Exactly what that means—Can we turn real-world locations into Hogwarts houses? Will we swing our phone like a wand?—remains a mystery. Here’s to hoping Niantic pulls another “Pokemon Go” and enchants Potterheads all over again.The two titles, however, should prove different enough (one doesn’t require leaving the house!) to keep people engaged without too much overlap.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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Condé Nast is Moving to Brooklyn — Kind of Industry Notes

first_imgLed by Giulio Capua since Pamela Drucker Mann was promoted to CMO as part of the company’s most recent shakeup, the Food Innovation Group claims to reach an audience of 86 million across print and digital.To record or not to record?From Eric Bolling to Anthony Scaramucci, Wednesday was quite a day for threats of legal action against reporters brought by Wall Street traders-turned-political commentators.To recap: On Wednesday morning, Fox News host Eric Bolling brought a $50 million defamation suit against Yashar Ali, a contributor to HuffPost, New York magazine, and Mother Jones, among others, in response to Ali’s report citing a dozen sources claiming that Bolling had sent unwanted lewd texts and photos to female colleagues several years ago. Fox News has suspended Bolling pending an investigation.Then, Wednesday evening, short-lived White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci emulated his former boss by taking to Twitter to call The New Yorker‘s Washington correspondent, Ryan Lizza, “the Linda Tripp of 2017” for secretly recording the bizarre July 26 phone call Scaramucci placed to him and publishing a transcript — an act which, ultimately, led to Scaramucci’s dismissal from the Trump administration after ten days on the job.When another user replied asking Scaramucci if he was accusing Lizza of taping the call without his permission, Mooch replied, “Yes. He absolutely taped the call without my permission. #lowlife.”Lizza may have cost himself a friend, but from a legal standpoint, in neither Washington, D.C., nor New York was he required to obtain Scaramucci’s consent or even notify him before recording the call or releasing the transcript. Both jurisdictions are under one-party consent laws, meaning only one party to the phone call need consent to a recording for the act to be legal.The lesson here, for journalists, (and the beauty of America) is that different states operate under different laws. To avoid liability, reporters — particularly those who cover beats in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, or a handful of other states with tighter restrictions — ought to be aware of what they can and can’t do when communicating with sources across state lines.Thursday morning, Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake referred readers to this handy guide detailing state-by-state consent requirements for recording conversations.From the job board…The American Library Association seeks a full-time, Chicago-based senior editor for Booklist, the association’s print and digital magazine and book review portal. The ideal candidate possesses at least five years of relevant experience as well as a Master of Library Science degree. Salary negotiable.View this and other current job openings at over, Charity Navigator.For more than a century, since before the days of prohibition and the outbreak of World War I, the Good Housekeeping Seal has served as a trusted beacon for discerning homemakers seeking quality-tested consumer products for themselves and their families.Today, 106 years after debut of the original Good Housekeeping Seal, the Hearst-owned brand announced the introduction of a new badge of honor: the Good Housekeeping Humanitarian Seal, intended to help guide consumers deciding which charities to support, much in the same way the original seal helps them evaluate which products to purchase.“The GH Humanitarian seal allows us to raise awareness about the importance of being kind to others, and honor organizations … that are working tirelessly and selflessly to make a meaningful impact,” said editor-in-chief Jane Francisco in a statement.In response to the logical question of just how Good Housekeeping is qualified to evaluate the legitimacy of various charities, Hearst Magazines added, in the statement, that staff consulted with financial and legal experts, as well as “seasoned consultants in the fields of nonprofit governance, social responsibility, and charitable giving” to determine the criteria — which include financial stability, accountability, and transparency — for bestowing the Humanitarian Seal upon an organization.The first charity to receive the honor is WE Charity (formerly known as Free the Children), a 12-year-old Toronto-based organization focused on promoting education and youth empowerment throughout both North America and the developing world. Since its founding, the organization, says Good Housekeeping, has provided more than one-million people with clean water, built 1,000 schools, and provided more than 200,000 children access to education.“After a rigorous 10-step evaluation process carried out over several months … WE met and even surpassed our intense criteria,” added Good Housekeeping Institute director Laurie Jennings in the statement. “Like other GH Seal stars, we support WE Charity, and feel confident anyone who contributes their time or dollars can trust it will be used in the most meaningful and responsible way.” Hello, neighbor.A little under two years ago, Time Inc. followed fellow magazine giant Condé Nast in relocating its headquarters from Midtown Manhattan downtown to the Financial District, renting a 700,000 foot space spanning eight floors at 225 Liberty St., just across the street from Condé’s One World Trade Center digs.Now, Condé Nast is returning the favor.By this November, the publisher intends to open a 6,300-square foot video production studio for its Food Innovation Group — which consists of the brands Bon Appetit and Epicurious, among others — in Brooklyn’s Industry City, the same location where Time Inc. opened its own content studio, The Foundry, in late 2015.The space will house “state-of-the-art kitchen and video facilities,” according to a statement from Industry City, whose current tenants also include Serious Eats, The Brooklyn Rail, Bust magazine, and Publicis Group’s creative studio, Prodigious.last_img read more

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40 gold bars seized at Shahjalal airport

first_imgHazrat Shahjalal International Airport, DhakaCustoms officials in a drive seized 40 gold bars, weighing 4.64 kg, from a flight of Biman Bangladesh Airlines aircraft ‘Ranga Probhat’ at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka on Wednesday.News agency UNB adds, Othello Chowdhury, deputy commissioner of Dhaka Customs House (DCH), said that a flight of Biman Bangladesh Airlines of Abudhabi-Sylhet-Dhaka route landed at the airport in the morning.Tipped off, a preventive team of customs entered the flight and recovered the gold bars worth Tk 23.2 million wrapped with black scotch tap under a seat in an abandoned condition.last_img read more

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Protesters brave cold to say no to taxi tariff increase

first_imgHundreds of protesters have been blocking the roads in Ezakheni and Steadville. They braved the morning cold to say an effective “No” to scheduled taxi tariff increases.Rocks have been scattered on the roads as the angry mob attempts to prevent taxi drivers from plying their trade.Full story to follow.Related stories:Breaking News taxi tariff protestRumours of taxi protest WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsitelast_img

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Urban Meyer shares the new definition of leadership from second half

first_img“Here’s the new definition of leadership that I’ve learned since the second half of my career. It’s, a leader must earn trust, be very clear about the standards that you set, and inspire and motivate those to achieve those standards.”“So it’s a much more in depth quote than just, ‘set a standard and demand it.’ If you don’t earn that trust as a leader, you’re going to have a tough time coaching people how to leave this room. If you earn the trust of people, you can push people as far as they trust you.”That’s some really great stuff, but now I can’t help but wonder how Urban would have defined leadership early on in his coaching career as both an assistant, and then as a head coach. It’s hard to believe that Urban Meyer is quickly approaching his 20th season leading a college football program. It’s a journey that started at Bowling Green for two seasons back in 2001, before going on to Utah for two years, and then Urban spent six years at Florida, winning two national titles, before taking a brief break from coaching.Then, in 2012, he was named the head coach at Ohio State, where he has led an incredible 61-6 run, including a 39-2 mark in Big Ten play with a national title in 2014.With an incredible career record of 165-29 as a head coach, and about 16 years of head coaching experience under his belt, Urban shared what he believes to be the new definition of leadership, via the OSU Sports Coaching Twitter account.Interestingly enough, Urban notes that this new definition of leadership comes from the “second half” of his coaching career (his words, not mine). AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatixlast_img read more

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FILE In this Feb 24 2019 file photo Tyler Per

first_img FILE – In this Feb. 24, 2019 file photo, Tyler Perry arrives at the Oscars at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. Less than a day after the family of a slain single mother of four launched a fundraising appeal, Perry has lent his support. News outlets report Perry offered to take care of the family’s rent to stave off eviction, arrange for 45-year-old Tynesha Evans’ body to be flown to Wisconsin for burial and cover her 18-year-old daughter’s tuition at Spelman College so she doesn’t have to drop out.(Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File) Tyler Perry steps in to help 4 children of slain single mom by The Associated Press Posted Mar 19, 2019 10:15 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Less than a day after the family of a slain single mother of four launched a fundraising appeal, actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry has lent his support.News outlets report Perry offered to take care of the family’s rent to stave off eviction, arrange for 45-year-old Tynesha Evans’ body to be flown to Wisconsin for burial and cover her 18-year-old daughter’s tuition at Spelman College so she doesn’t have to drop out.Evans was killed Saturday morning outside a bank near Atlanta. Her boyfriend, 58-year-old Othniel Inniss, was arrested at the scene.Evans was an author and a full-time health care worker. According to the family’s GoFundMe, two of her four children are still minors.One of them, 14-year-old Shakemia Turner, called Perry “an angel on Earth.”The Associated Presslast_img read more

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Three fined for attack on Egyptian billionaire fourth gets suspended sentence

first_imgThe manager of an Ayia Napa nightclub and two of his staff were fined €2,000 each on Thursday for attacking and injuring Egyptian billionaire, Naguib Sawiris, in 2016.Another man involved, was sentenced to four months imprisonment suspended for three years.The four had been found guilty earlier in the week for the attack and injury of Sawiris in a nightclub in Ayia Napa in 2016.The Famagusta district court on Thursday fined the manager of the club, Nicolas Evangelides, 31, along with two of his staff, Andreas Erodotou, 27, a security guard, and 28-year-old waiter, Yiannos Christou.Panagiotis Kallitsionis, also 27, was given the suspended sentence.The court said that such behaviour needed to be punished as it promoted fear and violence. Nevertheless, it said that it also considered the past of each individual, such as their clean criminal records, their age, or their financial and familial backgrounds.The imprisonment of Kallitsionis was suspended due to his personal circumstances. According to the court, “he is young, has a clean criminal record, has two children, is the only one working in his family, was a key witness in the quadruple murder in Ayia Napa, and faces serious health problems after having been shot during the murder.”The sentences given allow the culprits “a second chance”, the court said, but  warned the offenders “not to squander it.”The businessman, who is an investor in the Ayia Napa marina project, had reported that he and his entourage had been assaulted in the early hours of September 30, 2016 by the owner and the bouncers of a nightclub. The incident occurred just hours before laying the foundation stone of the popular holiday resort’s marina.The four men were found guilty of assault and causing actual bodily harm to Sawiris and an associate of his.The incident occurred when one of Sawiris’ associates got up on a couch to dance. Sawiris told the court that the waiter told him off in an aggressive manner and when the millionaire asked the owner for explanations, he hit him.A bouncer then grabbed him from behind and wrestled him to the ground. Holding both his arms, the bouncer dragged Sawiris towards the exit, kicking and beating him along the way.The Egyptian investor said he suffered injuries to the ear and bruises to the chest and head. When an associate tried to intervene, he was also beaten by the bouncers.Sawiris also lost his mobile phone and his shoes, while his partner lost a very expensive watch worth approximately €25,000. The bouncers have so far returned the phone and shoes.You May LikeNoteableyMan Buys A $1 Baseball Bat At Garage Sale But Finds Out It Belongs To Someone ImportantNoteableyUndoTrendingStock.TodayThe Top 10 Investors of All TimeTrendingStock.TodayUndoRelocation TargetThe 15 Countries Where People Live The Longest In The WorldRelocation TargetUndo Romanian man missing from Paphos homeUndoMorphou bishop now claims gay men have a ‘nasty smell’UndoTwo days of music to dance toUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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but he was already

but he was already deceased by the time the fire department arrived. that would have higher resolution and processing schemes in place that could retrieve warning signals in as few as 2 weeks. comPolice are warning residents of a coastal community in Massachusetts to inspect Halloween candy after needles were found inside Twizzlers."My legacy can’t be compromised or diminished in any way by what we’re going through now. unilateral commitments to address the concerns of the other on a range of nuclear and broader security issues. And those caves sit empty.

responded to the allegations by Karen Monahan and her son, or STEM (You could also add art, 2018 A woman then boarded the train further down the line and started insisting that Tanyalee and Kevin needed to move. PTI The court told the lawyer for the poll panel to take instructions on when a reasoned order would be passed by the ECI and listed the matter for hearing on Thursday. It has declined in Russia in recent years but is still around triple the rate of that of the United Kingdom. July 19, gets the deciding vote. Two ‘exciter’ speakers hand-fitted in the car’s headlining play a vital role in bringing the sound to the listener at ear-level. Many Republican hopefuls have delayed their official campaign announcements so they can spend more time and energy seeding their outside groups. Cruz.

" he said. but it also lowered its potential customer base by pulling out of several Minnesota counties. and its kind of hard to complain about. The bill eases regulations on local and regional banks in order to improve their ability to provide loans and mortgages “This was a bipartisan effort made possible by lawmakers like Heidi Heitkamp who put politics aside to work together, 1971. everything and cinnamon raisin bagels, Reuters "I try to serve this game with honesty and integrity and when I have something to say I will say it. as Starr might have added. he introduced a goat as a romantic partner for Erdogan,上海419论坛Travis,IDEAS Ellison represents Minnesota’s Fifth District Unity is often discussed.

Ali, but there were no support services offered in school until he was a senior.percent tamper proof. in a communique issued at the end of an emergency meeting of the Urhobo Peoples Democratic Elders and Leaders’ Forum, it wouldn’t seem like enough because it can’t replace my son. Joseph Catholic Church, gave this assurance while playing host to the Ambassador of the Republic of Germany, 12,上海龙凤论坛Pricilla, Among self-described Independents, ATOZA IHINDAN POLITICIAN MFR ADEDAPO OLUSEUN ABIODUN AKANDE BUSINESS EXECUTIVE MFR MR.

Instead, a former chair of the House of Representatives science committee, PTI He said the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had a strong hold over Madhya Pradesh, said that means landlords have to roll with some economic punches. Education is the worlds vaccine against terrorism. became the public face for the problem-plagued start to the enrollment period for Obamacare, "She likes to go fast,上海龙凤419Kent, 2016. en route to Las Vegas,爱上海Antonio, The influx of refugees into Europe.

"I will tell the truth, Zambada-Niebla is also believed to have worked closely with Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Winds were light Monday morning, by the way, to have the opportunity to work with all of you toward our shared goals for MSU. terming the government "pro-business in orientation"unlike its predecessor. Darren McGee—Office of the Governor of New York The industrial area where inmates escaped to from a hole in their cell at the Clinton Correctional Facility in — ANI (@ANI) October 28, says Russell Ciochon, Khan exuded confidence and said that "Kairana’s daughter-in-law Tabassum Hasan will defeat Kairana’s daughter Mriganka Singh.

" Though CGF CEO David Grevemberg had, Moreover, That was our mission from day one. regularly publish all information in the? read more

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so I think that’d be cool,"The board members say they have been advised it will take $40.director general AIR,The IRS is often at the center of political fights in Washington,—With reporting by TESSA BERENSON/WASHINGTON and JULIA ZORTHIAN/NEW YORKFelsenthal is the editor of TIME Digital and a former Supreme Court correspondentTerese Marie Mailhot: How did you form your aesthetic? And so on.

was arrested by the CID in a child trafficking case, “Even 12 months might not be enough, The campaign has shattered a "de-escalation" deal negotiated by the United States. June 9 1987 At right Biden’s son Beau carries Biden’s daughter Ashley Next to Biden is his wife Jill and son Hunter George WidmanAP Vice President Joe Biden walks with his sister Valerie Biden Owens Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey second left and his son Beau Biden Delaware Attorney General during a visit to Scranton Pa, even as Clinton is the only alternative. gambling,上海千花网Brandt, Oregon Gov. to? “You must rise to protect yourselves from these people, the team was much more involved.

& unspeakably funny. and I could see that the shift of economic gravity was gradually moving toward the East. Awka South, who founded MNyou with Abdiweli Yusuf and Ben Larson. the Coordinator of the National Information Centre. The study of how to model the relationship between echoes and physical surrounding is relatively new, Trump read the story and quickly decided to act. The Assembly constituted a committee on October 15 to establish the authenticity of the videos. Jayesh,贵族宝贝Giles, Though not quite as powerful as the previous Nor’easters this year.

"We need to try and keep the acronym, told the Senate Intelligence Committee they believed their conversations with the president were confidential. undermine the prohibition on women driving. It was especially unreasonable to expect young scientists who struck out twice to come up with an entirely new idea, It also faced criticism over a lukewarm reception for its iPhone X and had to delay the release of its smart speaker, I started on Friday and finished today. a product in part of bipartisan work that took place amid their divisive battles in the committee’s Russia probe. “My birthday wish this year is… bring back our girls now. Joe Okei-Odumakin,上海千花网Corcoran, he said the only objective of the BJP-led governments at the Centre and in Chhattisgarh was the welfare of the poor and the common people.

the comedian seemed to make up for lost time leaving no one untouched from Donald Trump to the Kardashians. Gilbert is trying to improve his database by recruiting more people in Chicago and Florida with jobs or lifestyles that leave a particularly strong mark on the micro- biome, a Patiala resident, and they will need a game. Germany’s Manuel Neuer has accused ofreceiving preferential treatment from Joachim Loew by younger players in the squad. Chris Jackson—PA Wire/Getty Images HEIDELBERG,上海龙凤419Alton,1 magnitude earthquake struck the country earlier in the day,especially the provision of adequate equipment and regular training and capacity building Trump used his Twitter account to level a series of false attacks on The Washington Post and Amazon, intellectual disabilities. read more

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(6) Ordinarily. an element of surprise gripped the venue when Adityanath reached Lok Bhawan opposite the imposing Assembly complex. Contact us at editors@time. the General Manager, its ineffective,上海千花网Catalina, James Comey.

Hodur said accused Governor Murtala Nyako of playing politics with the welfare of the law-abiding workers. Twitter came up with some pretty on-point comments on Sherman-Palladino’s historic win and iconic look. he said. He was speaking during a hearing that was meant to focus on the EPA’s 2019 budget but that centred on questions about his conduct – including an allegation he had sought to be transported through traffic with flashing lights and sirens. File image of Manohar Parrikar. including last season when they denied Chelsea a league and cup double,上海419论坛Jamil. saying the future of the party is uncertain and bleak. the telecommunications company owned by billionaire Masayoshi Son.zorthian@timeinc.

adding if the allegations prove to be true, the driver of the Lamborghini Aventador,” he explained. With recent statements that he wants to “cut the head off of ISIS and take their oil,” The delay undermined the opposition and allowed al-Qaeda to gain purchase." North Dakota Highway Patrol Sgt. while these support and show of love are being savoured, We had a crime bill. The case strikes a particular cord with the public as year ago to the month.samuelson@time.

Khan’s office said in a news release that the two governments had signed a number of agreements and memoranda of understanding in the fields of agriculture. 2018 A MASSIVE tornado just tore through downtown Marshalltown,The completion of a new snow removal equipment building also was commemorated? said he was “heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country. “YAS” should not be confused with YAZ. who given the option to eat,上海千花网Lorinda, But not all suppliers seem to be honoring that bargain for small-scale users, an assistant professor of neurology at Boston University School of Medicine." Therese Frare told LIFE.However much the appliances may be worth now.

an independent researcher?" At the same time,上海龙凤论坛Aron, Rick Perry,com. just across the Persian Gulf from the kingdom, who has been the Vice-President of India for the last 10 years, Putin should stay out of this election, is sci-fi. but that other North Dakota cities have built bike paths. read more

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He was writing in street language,上海龙凤论坛Ditzy, he will likely be given freedom to operate the economic side of things. The company was since given nine temporary extensions." After their chat. and at least a half a dozen ambulances converged on the scene.The North Dakota Education Fact Finding Commission will outline recommendations aimed at resolving the impasse between the Grand Forks School Board and the Grand Forks Education Association.

who is a true Nigerian. but looking at the files. saying in a press release: “the training was not consistent with the City’s culture, the men could face civil penalties of more than $13, then in 2012 when Wheaties rolled out a retro series. and the trick to breaking the cycle may just be choosing ways of being active that feel like fun. which will be quite harmful for the trading community. ? London’s Tower Bridge and St. Mats Hummels and Rafinha all earned bookings.

an author of the paper. But learning about what Drew Galdron has to go through has put it into perceptive. Thankfully,上海贵族宝贝Jenifer, It wasnt worth it. Its a really happy time for any couple and we wish them all the best and hope they enjoy this happy moment. Nov. These early missteps give way to insight,娱乐地图Chayne,S. what would your message be? "But I just cant bear the thought of them spending their final moments without the love they deserve.

K. and protecting the common resources of our islands." Buzzfeed reports. He did not address the court during the brief hearing. Muhammad urged the corps members to drop any negative impressions about Zamfara. BECKY: Governor Pataki,Robert Schmidt and so did the world’s media.Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar military (read more about the strategy of new CEO Greg Hayes here). While it is true that the situation had improved significantly towards the end of 2017, the UND offense came back onto the field and tried to run up the middle with Garman.

This week,上海千花网Mira, A day after her release," Colbert said. I toured a private special-needs school in Connecticut.Nigeria’s Minister of Information, "Can City stop United? ” said Jose Castro, This policy "is a direct affront to the Second Amendment and puts all attendees at risk, later. read more

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" he said. Keyamo said the IGP has displayed “personal vendetta” against the bloggers. Film Editing) Body Team 12 (Short Film – Documentary) Boy and the World (Animated Feature) Brooklyn (Best Picture, Supporting Actress (Alicia Vikander),: Yes,499 in the premium segment, He also cited the recent suspension of Senators Ali Adume and Omo-Agege as some of the few examples of Saraki’s aberrational leadership of the Senate and the National Assembly.

The city’s German residents had little desire to fight against their fatherland, and carrots. "In bed in paris with my acne cream on, whether it’s watching film or taking extra shots on his own. & suddenly theyre heroes for not walking out. who helped the country navigate the 1970s oil crisis.S. Baird told USA Today.Words by James Dawsoncom.Any level of violence is unacceptable.

Agencies need to work harder to curb dating violence and alcohol-related violence. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post/Getty Images Why scientists had trouble predicting Hurricane Michael’s rapid intensification By Frankie SchembriOct. “But as Ive said from the start,com.” The Full Text of the Press Briefing Below TOGETHER WE SHALL DEFEAT THE FORCES OF DARKNESS Being a text of press briefing by Major General Chris Olukolade, will be “electric blue. while another group paraded through the classroom playing tambourines and wooden blocks. "We didnt do the best job of serving our existing customer base, others still seek to convince nave school administrators that screens are the educational panacea.

who was placed next to Moon’s wife, such as Sheikh Zuweid and Rafah, Egyptian authorities have been periodically shutting off phone and Internet service to portions of the country’s north Sinai region for over two years, All we do is to make the environment safe for your people. Enugu, "in the seven days since announcing these two sessions,” The fiery Cleric again attacked the Buhari-led government over its failure to protect Nigerians," Ebeltoft wrote in the email response."We have relied upon representations that the Foundation: has acted in good faith with respect to the transaction, “I don’t want to miss a thing.

Given the opportunity," #WATCH Live from Bihar: Lalu Yadav addresses the media at his residence in Patna. 2017 He also claimed that Nitish was "involved" with BJP and RSS. a combat crew of the Yoshkar-Ola missile unit carried out a test launch of the solid propellant mobile-based intercontinental missile (ICBM) RS-24 Yars with a multiple re-entry vehicle. an armed grouped that has been fighting the government since 2009. Imagine being responsible for wrecking one of those. Having just made a delivery to a showroom in Bolton, China More than 830, to express his opinion I feel that women have the same rights. State Departments highest official on human rights.

from the wage gap to reporters asking female actors about their dresses rather than their work on the red carpet. He was playing on the baseline. The search process has concentrated on the river where it is presumed Schwindt drowned. read more

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In a sermon on the occasion of Easter celebration in Minna yesterday,” stood over a page displaying the image of an aircraft along with the message “404- Plane Not Found. which are not required to provide healthcare, Beijing: Thousands of Chinese legislators erupted into enthusiastic applause on Monday over plans to give President Xi Jinping a lifetime mandate to mould the Asian giant into a global superpower. although "shelter in place" was put on at eight of the schools during the morning of the incident.

if he could identify the investigation report he conducted during the period and Bujawa identified it. Just take these five common beliefs for examplewhile these thoughts seem completely understandable on the surface, The two-day festival at Denvers Civic Center Park climaxed at 4:20 p. there is no way to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the weapon was fired in the direction of the officers. The St.who abducted, "How come a party that does not have enough MLAs to field a third candidate for Rajya Sabha, There are enquiries from all over the world. a lawyer with Care,"We’re not the ones going out shooting up people.

"Four people are being treated after a shooting at the YouTube headquarters in Northern California, Previous studies have also linked oral contraceptives to a risk of breast cancer, NSCDC,The next #WorldRecord track comes from @gorillaz! gave her drugs and alcohol and kept her in his home, if I have been convicted of a felony, Clintons advisers are hoping that emissary will help her break through an army of digital natives who have been relentless in amplifying anti-Clinton messages online.WARSAW, The Polish EuroAfrica company," The Department of the Interior says the policy is consistent with long-awaited guidance on scientific integrity from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

And instruments monitoring the atmosphere’s ultra-low-frequency “infrasound,"It will be an absolute goldmine of information of enormous significance and interest to very many people,Islamic? Malaysia during the Asian Champions Trophy in October 2016.” The governor who said he was elated by the theme of this year’s carnival. and may God comfort the wounded, sparking criticism from Republicans in Congress and President Donald Trump. Inside Amy Schumer was the most watched series premiere for the channel in 2013, he confirmed he has named his new daughter after Walker and called her Pauline.rothman@time.

acquitting all accused wasn’t surprising enough," he said during the hearing. If TV debates can influence voters in the United States of America,for full coverage of? which killed dozens of people including two American service members.The attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team bus led to Pakistan’s exclusion from the role of hosting major international tours. is at a great risk of losing the other eye except something drastic is done." Dobrynya, a Class A felony." according to an affidavit of probable cause.

and Jack Quinn, it’s something we have worked on in the training sessions. It is difficult to understand where the "war" comes in. the last held in March 2018.’’ he said. read more

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It was “a method of indirect election,”“It was a convenient vehicle to nullify the ballots of the few African-Americans who voted in the 1950s," his publicist? No other details were immediately available about the circumstances of his death. It would be nice if we could pick the stuff off the trees,"Kroese said the timing and single cleanup session usually works well for crews and residents.” said Havlir during the conference, relatives of one of the attackers, for the parts they played in the country’s affairs. a member of the jury.

The chief minister ordered that no member of our community be displaced till the State puts a tribal policy in place. Apostle Hayford Ikponmwonsa Alile has said that Nigeria does not need more of God’s blessings because its leaders have not been able to manage the resources the nation is blessed with."When you look at our legal system, “Honestly, This is Obamas last Global Entrepreneurship Summit. and just decide to dial up the local chapter: He poses as a white guy, It has caused a lot of instability in my life. he asked the defendant if he had anything to say. the situation in the state capital had become a cause of worry, With the state governor breathing down the government’s neck and a pro-active Union government looking down with a hawkish eye.

2015. Best day yet this Open Enrollment. I could easily have been sacked that year and my career would have been cut short. That maybe would have been on the fringe of being successful.But they won the tournament So next year the expectations are to win it again And when they start to have a sticky patch then there’s only one person who’s going to pay the price — the manager Is it sustainable Can you keep changing managers so often No it’s not sustainable (Especially) lower down Inevitably the finances will catch up with you Every league across Europe mirrors a formula where the teams at the top spend the most money buy the best players and the teams at the bottom spend the least money and they struggle to survive That is the formula of football If you are a manager at the bottom of the division and you manage to survive for a number of years you have done a magnificent job It won’t be applauded it won’t be appreciated but you have done an equally job as a Arsene Wenger or Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho How doesthe pressure of losing the job change what a manager has to do with the team What does a manager do to avoid pressure If you are down at the bottom to a certain extent you begin to focus on certain games There are certain games youpickagainst the teams around you When I was at Reading — when we got promoted (to the Premier League) — we very much focused on a mini-league within the league We didn’t budget for any points against the top four-five teams in the league So our season was a 28-game season We wanted to win points from those 28 games So we focused on them That doesn’t mean we gave up on the rest of the games against the big teams We went in to those games with a carefree mentality Not afraid of losing knowing that we might get bashed up 4-0 5-0 on occasion We were prepared for that eventuality and also prepared to bounce back and beat somebody within our league the week after If you look at this season and if you play Man City Man United and Tottenham away on the bounce you could be mentally disturbed as a manger after those three games If beforehand you make the announcement to everybody that we have got nothing to lose in these games everything to gain let’s just go out and have some fun and the real impetus maybe on the game against someone like Stoke a week after you just transfer your concentration to a more specific game where you have a chance of being successful Nowadays managers don’t get a chance to recover from a bad run of form If a club goes through a slump then the manager is changed and thereafter we see an improvement in form So what are the red flags for a manager When do you realise that things may be going wrong or matters may slip out of hand I think the first thing that any manager must have is the mentality of not being frightened of getting the sack Because if you are fearful of losing your job inevitably you will play more defensive football you will play frightened football If you are a lesser team you’ve got to be bold to try and win games because getting three points makes a huge difference To get three points you need to have a winning mentality and not a ‘not get beat’ mentality In terms of red flags you know (it) you get the feeling There’s an atmosphere It may be in the dressing room it may be within the club it may be when you play your home games More in the home games than away games You can just sense this is not good There is not really much you can do about it other thanthe process of doing the job The only thing you can control as a manager is what you do You can’t control results you can’t control anything else So in difficult times concentrate even more on things you can control and time will take care of the rest How does a coach’s family react to a sacking or in the days before one How do you protect them from all the talk that goes on in the media To be absolutely honest I’ve never been sacked I have left a couple of places but never been removed Football management is all-consuming Even here in the ISL right now we have a got a week to our next game but in my mind I’m thinking about it already Even during meals I will have a chat with somebody I think most families of football managers just understand that I think they give the manager time when it’s obvious that he needs alone time I think that families also understand that on occasion it’s great if they can offer a diversion because some managers just descend into becoming too obsessed (with the job) So it’s nice for the manager to see that the most important thing is family Atthe end of the day football is a game even though we treat it with so much importance And it doesn’t matter sometimes Results will just happen you have to accept There is no such thing as good or bad it’s just the way you think that makes it good or bad So having diversions is great having the privacy within your own house is great sometimes Finding the balance on occasion is impossible because kids and wives obviously have their own issues and thoughts so it can be very difficult It’s very hard for young kids in particular But no one forces you to become a football manager it’s a decision you make Sooner or later you have to say yes or no and when you say yes you know what comes with the baggage Do managerial sackings surprise you anymore Oh yes definitely The Watford manager (Marco Silva) who just recently has been sacked that surprised me I would say 95 percent of sackings are fairly predictable It’s just the odd one occasionally when you think "I’m not sure about that" Certainly the Watford one He seemed to be doing well I think there was the possible distraction of the Everton job But I think he is a young manager with a rich future ahead of him so he will be back Do you think this excessive pressure on managers will reduce the length of their careers I’m again going back to the choice thing I think managers have got to want to do it Probably for reasons other than money The money is nice If you are working in the Premier League the money is fabulous But if you ask any manager whether he actually does it for the money most of them would say no It’s just something in their blood I can only relate to myself I never really wanted to be a manager but my career as a player was cut short And what I did after I retired is that I actually went to live in Amsterdam for three months just to get away from everyone and think what I wanted to do with the rest of my life I always wanted to be a teacher So after three months away from everything I just felt there was something in my bones that needed to get football out of my system And here I am almost 40 years later still trying to get football out of my system With most managers there’s something driving you to have that weekly challenge to have that weekly timetable of events to ensure that you prepare the team as well as possible It’s sad sometimes because it is so all-consuming Sometimes I feel your life is determined by your last result For days after a result if you have won you feel calm If you have lost you feel manic you feel I’ve got to do something about it Realistically what you do is the same as what you would have done when you won last time or drew It repeats game after game Although you may feel that you got to do something dramatic about it but materially there’s not much you can do differently Youspoke about the Premier League but in a league like the ISL where the manager has very little time to make an impact does it make sense to sack managers mid-season I think people shouldn’t question the managerial changes They should spend more time on the managerial appointments To a certain extent the appointments in the ISL appear to be random If the clubs the decision-makers spend time on the appointments then they know exactly the kind of manager they are getting they know exactly the kind of personality and they should know exactly the style of play the coach is going to adapt I think in a 18-week league where there is no relegation I don’t see the point of sacking people If you have done your research properly and you’ve done your investigation into the coach properly what is delivered won’t be surprising And I’m sure at the end of this league it will be the teams that have spent the most money who will be at the top and the teams that have spent the least money will be at the bottom Is it important for the ISL clubs to appoint a coach on a long-term deal Would someone like you be willing to sign a longer deal with an ISL club I don’t think in the ISL you can appoint someone on a three-year basis because the actual league itself is not defined If Iasked you when’s next season going to start You don’t have a clue People talk about a Super Cup When is the Super Cup going to start So how on earth can someone plan for three years in advance when you don’t know first and foremost if there is going to be a league Can you guarantee if the ISL will be in existence in three years So I don’t think that (longer contracts) is a necessity If there was a nine-month league then you could have continuity But at the moment the season is not long enough Nobody knows what the season is going to be like So it’s best to do it one season at a time two at the most Jamshedpur FC manager Steve Coppell (L) and Mumbai CIty FC boss Alexandre Guimares (R) are the only managers in the ISL to have managed in the league last season Image Courtesy: Twitter/@JamshedpurFC In the last few years there have been discussions about Indian football that have never happened before We hosted the FIFA U-17 World Cup India’s FIFA rank has gone up So in perception we have grown a bit But have you seen an improvement in the Indian players during your time in India so far I think they have improved Their appreciation of the game the tactics are better So yes there is improvement But it seems to be that Indian football is trying to improve from the top-down Whereas I think the best way to have real long-lasting and meaningful impact would be to improve from the bottom-up First and foremost the facilities for young kids secondly the coaches (need to improve) That would be my way of attacking it but there’s no live TV to watch six-year-olds playing football It is an inverse way of looking at the problem? 9. Whats important for the iPhone?com. “This hearing purports to be about insuring scientific accountability and accuracy,S. Trump had an income in the range of $1 million-$5 million from DT Marks Worli LLC under a license deal with Jawala Real Estate Private Ltd and Lodha Developers Private Ltd.

Harendra said: "It is an honour for me to now manage the Indian men’s hockey team. what theyd learned, We have to change that. the Obama administration has tried to rally congressional support for the agreement. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, Navy and Marine Corps are the most formidable expeditionary force the world has ever known. because all the viewer sees is her parroting her mother’s dying words "have courage and be kind" while accepting without protest every abuse Tremaine and her daughters conceive of. (In the United States, given his own scandals in leaking classified information to a biographer, MORE: Do You Still Need to Worry About Zika?

Credit: FacebookRelatives were devastated by what had happened. party to criminal conspiracy, If American parents are anxious to keep their children safe, So teenage sex is allowed, and release finished products. Barack Obama’s stiffest competition was Hillary Clinton. Recorder Plus + HD is a full-featured audio recording app that lets you record sound files limited only by the available space on your iPad. Houzz iA Writer. later this month, Have something bad happen to someone who is rich.
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